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9th Grade: Live Online Seminars and Conferences

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101 Best Strategies for Teaching Social Studies (Grades 6-12)
presented by Christopher Lange
Best Practices in CO-TEACHING: Effective Strategies and Realistic Solutions for Inclusive Classrooms (Grades 1-12)
presented by Catherine Wilson
Best, Most Powerful Strategies for Teaching WORLD LANGUAGES (Grades 6-12)
presented by Bryce Hedstrom
Defusing Anger, Anxiety and Aggression: Improving Student Behavior
presented by Jennifer Rogers
ENHANCE YOUR STUDENTS' USE OF THE TARGET LANGUAGE: NEW, Innovative Strategies That Work (Grades 6-12)
presented by Janice Kittok
Helping Your Struggling ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS Students: Practical, Successful Strategies (Grades 6-12)
presented by Sarah Robinson
Increase Your Success as a Special Education Resource Teacher
presented by Savanna Flakes
Increasing the Success of Your ART Instruction (Grades 6-12)
presented by Amy Friedman
MAKERSPACES: Creating Motivating, Engaging Work Spaces for Your LIBRARY
presented by Tricia Kuon
Making Best Use of GOOGLE CLASSROOM and Free Workplace Apps to Enhance Content Learning (Grades 6-12)
presented by Andrew Mann
Making Best Use of Google Classroom to Strengthen Your MATH Instruction (Grades 6-12)
presented by Steve Morris
Making Best Use of Google Classroom to Strengthen Your SOCIAL STUDIES Instruction (Grades 6-12)
presented by Bethany Petty
Maximize Positive Outcomes for Your Students with Special Needs: The Best High Leverage Practices
presented by Petra Nelson
Powerful Strategies for Maximizing COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT in the Target Language (Grades 6-12)
presented by Janice Kittok
PRACTICAL CO-TEACHING STRATEGIES: Increasing Students' Success in Today's Inclusive Classroom
presented by Toby Karten
Practical Strategies for Improving the Behavior of Attention-Seeking, Manipulative and Challenging Students
presented by Cindy Jones
SCHOOL NURSES: Best Strategies for Success During School Medical Emergencies
presented by Sandra Moritz
SLPs: Practical Therapy Techniques for Persistent and Resistant Speech Sound Errors
presented by Terri Farnham
Speech-Language Pathologists: Strategies to Support Students with Reading and Language Deficits (Grades PreK-12)
presented by MariBeth Plankers
Strengthening Students' Writing Skills While Significantly Decreasing Grading Time (Grades 6-12)
presented by Joel Clements
2‑Day Event:
Two-Day Instructional Coach Institute: Maximizing Your Effectiveness as an INSTRUCTIONAL COACH (Grades K-12)
presented by Jaime Bailey
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