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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Dr. Heather Kenny is an outstanding educator and presenter. Over the course of her 25+ year career in education, she has served as a classroom teacher, reading interventionist, and dyslexia tutor. Heather works closely with schools and districts to support teachers in implementing practical, science-based instructional techniques that improve literacy outcomes.

Heather understands the challenges that today's educators face as they strive to address the needs of all readers. She is passionate about empowering teachers with knowledge and skills so that they are well-equipped to provide their students, particularly those who fit the profile of dyslexia, with optimally-effective literacy instruction.

The author of several books and articles, Heather has written DYSLEXIA: Best Strategies to Increase Student Success (Grades 6-12), the extensive digital resource handbook each participant will receive. Her highly informative and inspiring seminars are filled with practical advice and strategies that you can take back to your classroom and use immediately. Heather's seminar will equip you with knowledge and resources to help all of your students, particularly those with dyslexia, reach their full academic potential.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"This was a wonderful seminar! I've learned so much more than I have from any other training that I have attended about Dyslexia. Thank you so much!"
- Kena Boles, Special Education Teacher

"Dr. Kenny has such a wonderful, easy delivery for all of her pertinent information. Thank you so much for the handbook and all the hyperlinks. Your resources are invaluable!"
- Janice Tufaro, Reading Teacher

"The most valuable professional development day I have had in the last 5 years! Not a minute was wasted. Good pacing, good balance between oral presentation and supporting handbook material. Wealth of immediately applicable strategies. Thank you so much!"
- Nancy Bergner, Special Education Teacher