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BRYCE HEDSTROM is widely recognized as an outstanding world language teacher with more than 25 years of experience at all levels. A frequent regional, state and national presenter, he is known for helping world language teachers to enhance their existing programs by incorporating many strategies that emphasize social awareness, interpersonal communication and varied reading techniques in the classroom. Bryce is the author of Best, Most Powerful Strategies for Teaching World Languages (Grades 6-12), the extensive digital resource handbook each participant will receive. In addition, he is the author of many world language instructional materials, teacher resources and fiction and non-fiction for students.

Bryce's seminars emphasize practical, time-efficient strategies - all proven successful in his own classroom - that give teachers a vast array of methods and materials to significantly improve student participation leading to their more proficient use of the target language. Participants leave Bryce's seminars rejuvenated and eager to implement new strategies and ideas in their own world language classrooms.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Bryce is a fantastic presenter. He has great ideas that I can put into place as soon as I return to school."
- Beth Faria, Spanish Teacher

"This was a great seminar for any teacher, veteran or brand new! Bryce is refreshing, calm and kind. His content is extremely useful."
- Alissa Dunham, Spanish Teacher

"Coming to Bryce's seminar was one of the best career decisions I have made. Bryce made all of the topics easily accessible, even to people less familiar with CI and language acquisition theory."
- Sarah Mize, H.S. Latin Teacher

"I can't believe how FAST this day went. I've never left any seminar feeling like I could use a few more hours. I enjoyed watching SeƱor Hedstrom's videos of how he facilitates these learning opportunities."
- Eva Lear, Spanish Teacher

"I appreciated Mr. Hedstrom's intensely practical approach to both classroom management and curriculum content."
- Kristina Snavely, H.S. Spanish/English Teacher

"Awesome! Gracias, Bryce!"
- Rebecca Alvarez, Spanish Teacher

"Bryce presents very beneficial, useful information. His ready-to-use techniques are much appreciated."
- Lupe Negrete, H.S. Spanish Teacher

"I enjoyed every minute of Bryce's seminar. Can't wait to get back in my class to try some of this."
- Marie Perez, Spanish Teacher

"I loved, loved, loved getting so many practical techniques I can use tomorrow in my class. I especially learned a lot about how to connect with students using the target language."
- Cara Kasperson, Spanish Teacher

"Bryce presents lots of high-impact strategies for building relationships with students and increasing comprehensive input."
- Jeremy Molinaro, Spanish Teacher

"Beyond wonderful new strategies and ideas, it was a refresher on good teaching and how to engage ALL students in a positive learning community."
- Sarah Bond, 6th Grade SLA/SS Dual Language Teacher