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Best Practices in CO-TEACHING: Effective Strategies and Realistic Solutions for Inclusive Classrooms (Grades 1-12)
presented by Catherine Wilson
Best, Powerful CO-TEACHING STRATEGIES to Strengthen Student Success
presented by Katy Weber
Catching Up Your STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Who Have Fallen Behind
presented by Catherine Wilson
2‑Day Conference:
Co-Teaching Conference
presented by Experienced Co-Teachers
2‑Day Conference:
Co-Teaching Conference: Powerful Partnerships for Improving Student Performance
4‑Day National Train‑the‑Trainer Institute:
Co-Teaching That Works!
presented by Experienced Co-Teachers
CO-TEACHING THAT WORKS: Powerful Strategies to Accelerate Student Success in Today's Inclusive Classrooms
presented by Petra Nelson
Improving the Classroom Behavior of Your Students with Special Needs (Grades K-12)
presented by Linda Davidson
Increase Your Success as a Special Education Resource Teacher
presented by Savanna Flakes
Maximize Positive Outcomes for Your Students with Special Needs: The Best High Leverage Practices
presented by Petra Nelson
3‑Day National Train‑the‑Trainer Institute:
Maximizing the Effectiveness of Paraprofessionals Who Work with Students with Special Needs
presented by Special Education Experts
Practical Interventions For Students With Special Needs
presented by LORA KENNEDY
Rapidly Improving the Skills of Your Students with Special Needs (Grades 1-12)
presented by Nicole Eredics
Special Needs Students' Executive Function (P-12)
presented by Kathryn Phillips
Strengthen Your Special Needs Students' EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILLS: Reduce Impulsive Behaviors, Increase Focus and Develop Working Memory
presented by Kathy Morris
Strengthening Instruction for Students with SPECIAL NEEDS: Best Technology Tools, Strategies and Resources (Grades K-12)
presented by Toby Karten
2‑Day Event:
Strengthening Your Co-Teaching Program: Practical CO-TEACHING STRATEGIES to Increase All Students' Achievement
presented by Toby Karten
Strengthening Your Effectiveness as a Special Education Resource Teacher
presented by Kathy Morris
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