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Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology Resources
to Enhance Your Mathematics Classes

(Grades 6-12)

Presented by Jessica Valles
Outstanding Secondary Math Teacher and National Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Mathematics Teachers Working with Students in Grades 6-12

  • Highly engaging instructional techniques, using the current best technology resources ideal for grades 6-12 mathematics classes
  • How to use powerful new technology resources and the best cutting-edge tools to enhance your students’ mathematics learning and achievement
  • The best apps and web tools to utilize in differentiating your instruction on key mathematical concepts
  • Timesaving tools to help you make mathematics instruction more impactful and more motivating
  • Receive an extensive resource handbook packed with unique ideas, engaging projects and classroom-proven tools and resources that will strengthen your students’ learning

Practical Ideas and Strategies

As the expectations for instruction and learning have increasingly become more rigorous and demanding, it is smart to look at technology devices and how they can help us guide our students’ learning. Students are expected to understand and demonstrate their mathematical skills and knowledge at a much higher level than ever before.

During this energetic day with outstanding mathematics teacher and presenter, Jessica Valles, you will learn how to utilize cutting-edge technology and technology resources to strengthen your classroom instruction and enhance your students’ learning and achievement in grades 6-12. You will leave with specific “how to” steps and a great number of ideas to seamlessly integrate the activities and ideas into your own mathematics classroom. This highly practical, idea?packed seminar has been developed specifically for all educators serving students in grades 6-12 math classrooms.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Discover the Best New Tools and Resources for Grades 6-12 Mathematics
    Learn about the latest apps, sites, Google tools, and learning management systems that are helping mathematics teachers enhance learning in grades 6-12
  2. Engage Students With Powerful Cutting-Edge Technology Resources
    Access highly practical technology resources that are both motivating and engaging for students … Specific ways to get your students more involved in learning mathematics increasing both motivation and achievement
  3. Provide Faster and Highly Valuable Feedback
    Take advantage of online assessment tools that are simple to use and helpful for teachers to determine what students know and yet need to learn … Drive your instruction using these powerful online tools
  4. Create Powerful and Engaging Differentiated Instructional Lessons
    Meet the needs of the diverse learning styles of all your students … Create powerful lessons that challenge students who need greater challenge and offers extra support to those who struggle
  5. Ensure 100% Access for ALL Your Students
    Practical, low-cost and no cost ways to integrate technology and make sure every student has access to key technology resources
  6. Utilize Readily Available Technology
    It is common to see almost every student with a cell phone or mobile devices … Discover the best free and inexpensive apps and websites that can turn these devices into powerful learning tools
  7. Enrich Your Students’ Blended Learning Experience
    Extend your mathematics classroom beyond its walls by learning about flipped models using technology and how to seamlessly blend your instruction between traditional instructional formats and the best, most practical use of available technology
  8. Discover Where to Find Videos that Students Can Use to Enhance Their Understanding
    Today’s students have access to a plethora of outstanding online videos that demonstrate and explain hard-to-grasp mathematical concepts … Jessica has done the research for you, let her show you where to find the most outstanding videos for your students’ use
  9. Enrich Your Students’ Learning Experience
    Go deeper into your content … add to students’ understanding of mathematical concepts by using the tools that they use and are interested in
  10. Receive an Extensive Resource Handbook
    Each participant will receive a detailed resource handbook packed with ideas, suggestions and step-by-step instructions on how to create and manage a cutting?edge mathematics classroom with apps, sites, Google tools and more … Dozens of practice ideas, information and resources will be at your disposal to help you get started immediately

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Specific ways to determine which mathematics lessons are the best fit for technology integration
  • The best, free online resources to start incorporating technology in your math classroom
  • Clear guidelines of best practice in using technology to enhance mathematics classes
  • NEW online video resources that aid you in flipping your mathematics lessons
  • Create a learning environment that is accessible to all students, regardless of age, ability level or access to technology
  • Create ways to reach students through the tools and media that they use and prefer
  • Innovative and student-centered strategies to implement cutting-edge tools
  • A blended classroom model that utilizes the best from traditional instruction and technology
  • How to manage a technology infused lesson and classroom … the do’s and don’ts of monitoring student progress
  • Google docs, forms and sites that allow for immediately formative feedback and significant task re-design for teachers
  • Specific ways to differentiate assignments to allow for maximum levels of success for all students and especially those students with special learning needs
  • The appropriate technology tools and resources to modify and redesign learning in mathematics for greater student participation, motivation and achievement
  • Powerful ways to engage a greater learning community by sharing your lessons and utilizing lessons created by other experts in our field

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

Classroom instruction is rapidly changing as we try to keep pace with the demands of new technology, injecting rigorous standards into our practice, and teaching more rigorous mathematical concepts to all students. At the heart of best practice in mathematics instruction is student motivation and engagement. How can we engage students on their terms and still meet our objectives of content and skills? By using cutting-edge technology in our classrooms, mathematics teachers can utilize educational apps, the latest software, Google tools, online demonstrations, lesson examples, and more – the stuff that can motivate and engage our students.

If you are like me, you might be wondering:

  • My methods work fine, so why do I need new tools and technology?
  • Can I functionally improve the lesson just by using technology?
  • Creating technology-based lessons takes a lot of time – do I have the time?
  • Am I going to sacrifice skills or content to do all this?

The goal of this seminar is to answer these compelling questions and look at ways to design mathematical lessons that are not only best practice, but also utilize the latest, most cutting-edge technology and resources that are exciting for students to learn. We will focus on teacher?friendly techniques that are time-sensitive and student-centered.

This seminar will focus on instructional methods and practical uses of the apps, sites, web tools, the flipped model and more. I will pull together the best instructional methods and add tools that engage and motivate students. By starting with a rationale to teach with tech and discussing the merits behind this instruction, our seminar will leave you confident that you are doing the right thing for your students.

The day promises to be filled with practical strategies and ideas that will empower you to leverage the web in your classroom, increase student contact, reach students at their specific learning level, differentiate your instruction, and so much more! I am really excited to connect with you. I think you will find that this model will help you reach students on their terms, while still empowering you to differentiate your instruction and meet your curriculum goals.

Whether you are an experienced technological math teacher or just a beginner to technology, you will walk away with resources and strategies to implement in your math classroom. The day will be filled with discovering new apps, online resources and assessment tools that can be executed quickly and as often as you would like in your classroom.

Jessica Valles

P.S. You will walk away from this session with practical technology resources to implement immediately in your math classroom!

Who Should Attend

Mathematics Teachers Working with Students in Grades 6?12.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. The handbook includes:

  • New tools and resources for grades 6-12 mathematics
  • Sample differentiated instructional lessons
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use the apps, technology and resources
  • A list of outstanding videos that demonstrate key math skills

Meet and Share
This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in using technology to enhance their mathematics programs.

Consultation Available
Jessica Valles will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions and the unique needs of your own mathematics program.

On-Site Training Guarantee

BER is not a booking agency that just finds a presenter who presents on the topic you requested. Rather, we only recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

Consequently, we provide a strong program guarantee.

We guarantee you'll be fully satisfied or you'll owe us nothing after your on-site training event.

Bring this seminar to your school or district!

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