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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jessica Valles is a highly experienced mathematics teacher. Her enthusiasm for learning and for “real” experiences in the classroom, enable her to positively motivate colleagues as they try new skills or ideas. Using fast-paced, energetic activities throughout the seminar, Jessica captivates and energizes seminar attendees from the most technologically literate to the true “technophobe.”

As a current secondary math teacher, Jessica has daily experience with students and colleagues as they use technology tools to enhance learning and instruction. Her practical approaches, creative ideas and focus on instructional standards ensure that technology is not just another add-on for which to find a time slot in the school day, but rather an instructional tool that assists both the students and the teacher.

Jessica is the author of, Utilizing Cutting-edge Technology Resources to Enhance Your Mathematics Classes (Grades 6-12), the resource handbook each participant will receive at this seminar. The handbook is specifically designed to ensure that you will be able to easily implement the ideas you learn when you return to your classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Awesome to finally attend a seminar that has to do with middle school math and not 3rd grade social studies. Thanks so much!”
- Sarah Gianotti, Teacher

“Excellent! I love all the cool ideas that can be incorporated in math classes. I will be doing my homework on all of the sites and apps. Love the flipped classroom and QR codes.”
- Juanika Williams, Math Teacher

Most resourceful seminar I have attended in a long time. I actually saw many ways to use technology in a math class.”
- Barbara Mifflin, Teacher

“Very useful. Jessica is a very dedicated, inspiring teacher.”
- Joneva Beckmann

“Lots of great information and ideas!”
- Erin Dent, 7th Grade Math Teacher

“I learned so much! Great resources!”
- Tori Snitker, 7th Grade Math Teacher

“This seminar was fantastic!”
- Anna Standish, Teacher

“I thought it was wonderful! I learned so many new ideas for the math classroom. I also now want to flip my classroom. Thank you!”
- Lauren Jones, Teacher

“Jessica was the real deal. She made it happen. She was awesome!
- Mike Sheffield, 7th/8th Grade Math Teacher

“This seminar was very useful. It will help me to incorporate more technology in my classroom.”
- Delmesa Collins, Math Teacher

“Great resources and a wealth of information to make math interactive and fun for kids.”
- Nina Garcia, Middle School Math Teacher

“Awesome material! I never knew about some of these items! So many free ones that I will be using right away!
- Lauren Broski, Math Teacher 9-12