Flipped Learning: Practical Classroom-Based Strategies that Boost Student Learning and Achievement, Grades 6-12

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Course Objective/Goals

Flipped learning enables teachers to facilitate powerful learning experiences for students in grades 6-12. The first portion of this course highlights how teachers design ways for students to gain basic course concepts outside of class, a key element of flipped learning. In the rest of the course, you'll see middle school and high school teachers demonstrate how a flipped learning approach has enabled them to transform class time into active learning environments that keep students engaged and learning. All of the strategies demonstrated are ideal for secondary level teachers across content areas to incorporate into their classroom settings.

This course is organized into two modules. Module one focuses on key elements of outside of class assignments in a flipped learning approach. In Module Two, teachers from a variety of content areas in secondary school settings demonstrate classroom-based strategies and techniques for boosting student learning and achievement and developing their skills as self-guided learners.

This course does not teach how to prepare videos nor address the myriad decisions teachers must make in order to fully implement flipped learning. You'll find a number of excellent resources that address those aspects of flipped learning in the Supporting Documents listed in the course.

You will learn how to:

  • design ways for students to gain basic course concepts outside of class
  • incorporate key characteristics of effective homework assignments
  • structure class time in ways that keep students engaged and learning
  • meet the needs of a wide range of students while maintaining a steady focus on essential course content
  • enhance students' understanding of content concepts using scaffolding, peer interactions, and guided instruction

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"Very effective and engaging dissemination of information! I am inspired and excited to implement the ideas and models in my classroom!"
              – V. Garrison

"I found videos very interesting to watch.  The class examples were very helpful in determining practical ways to introduce this concept into my own classroom."
              – L. Hanzel

"I enjoyed the format of this course.  I appreciate that the course itself is in a flipped format  and it allowed me to go back and review any information that I need.  This was a worthwhile course and I look forward to implementing these strategies into my classroom."
              – A. Wright

"The videos were very helpful and I have learned a lot about what a flipped classroom looks like. I am excited to implement this form of teaching. "
              – C. Watson


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