Vocabulary Strategies that Boost Students' Reading Comprehension, Grades 2-6

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Course Objective/Goals

The number of words a student is able to read and understand has a direct relationship to that child’s level of reading fluency and reading comprehension. Yet all too often, vocabulary-building lessons and activities are tedious, cumbersome to prepare, or relegated to a few workbook pages. In this on demand, online course you will see a variety of strategies that expand the listening and reading vocabularies of elementary age students. These strategies are straightforward, practical, and effective – well suited to busy classroom learning programs.

The lessons and activities in this on demand, video-based course involve children in the learning process and are flexible enough to be used successfully with a wide variety of words. And the result? As children increase their reading vocabularies, they boost their reading comprehension and strengthen their ability to tackle more sophisticated text. You will easily be able to incorporate these techniques into regular classroom and specialized programs in your school or district.

You will learn how to:

  • help your students maximize their reading comprehension by mastering critical story and
  • content area vocabulary
  • engage children in fast-paced, interactive vocabulary practice
  • reduce lesson preparation time with time-efficient, multi-use vocabulary teaching strategies
  • increase students’ reading fluency and understanding by effectively preparing them for new vocabulary before they read
  • expand students’ ability to determine word meaning from context
  • successfully combine vocabulary building with writing instruction

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDEU 9398


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