Special Education

Grades 1-12: Catching Up Your STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Who Have Fallen Behind - Online Course
This online course features experienced special education teacher and instructional coach, Catherine Wilson. Throughout the course, Catherine focuses on strategies and tools to help you better support students with disabilities who have fallen behind.

Grades 6-12: Co-Teaching Strategies that Maximize the Instructional Impact of Inclusion Classrooms - Online Course
This course takes you inside the classrooms of experienced co-teachers to demonstrate the power of co-teaching to maximize learning for all students in middle and high school inclusion classrooms. You will observe co-teaching approaches that truly utilize the strengths of both teachers to increase student involvement and further enhance student achievement in grade 6-12 classrooms.

Grades 6-12: Easy-to-Implement Co-Teaching Strategies to Increase Learning for All Students in Inclusion Classrooms - Online Course
In this online learning course, you will see a number of practical, simple co-teaching strategies that can immediately be implemented in classrooms, grades 6-12.

Grades 6-12: Flipped Learning: Practical Classroom-Based Strategies that Boost Student Learning and Achievement - Online Course
Flipped learning enables teachers to facilitate powerful learning experiences for students in grades 6-12. The first portion of this course highlights how teachers design ways for students to gain basic course concepts outside of class, a key element of flipped learning. In the rest of the course, you'll see middle school and high school teachers demonstrate how a flipped learning approach has enabled them to transform class time into active learning environments that keep students engaged and learning. All of the strategies demonstrated are ideal for secondary level teachers across content areas to incorporate into their classroom settings.

Grades 6-12: Practical Classroom Strategies for Making Inclusion More Successful - Online Course
This online course features National Trainer Sonya Heineman Kunkel and a group of highly-skilled secondary teachers who demonstrate a number of effective strategies for enhancing the learning of students with special needs in inclusive classroom settings.

Grades K-6: Co-Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms: Effective Small Group Structures and Strategies - Online Course
This course is designed to help elementary co-teachers strengthen their small group instruction. The program explains and demonstrates four different co-teaching structures, or models, for effective small group lessons and activities. Within each structure, participants will see different strategies that successfully address the needs of students with disabilities.

Grades K-6: Co-Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms: Effective Whole Group Structures and Strategies - Online Course
This course examines six different ways co-teachers can structure class lessons and activities to best meet the learning needs of a wide range of students

Grades K-6: Facilitating the Classroom Learning of Students with Asperger Syndrome and High-Function Autism - Online Course
In this online learning course, teachers in inclusive classrooms demonstrate practical, innovative ways to successfully strengthen the engagement and learning of students on the autism spectrum.

Grades K-6: Practical Behavior Management Strategies for the Inclusion Classroom - Online Course
In this On Demand Online course you will see a variety of strategies that can be used with both whole groups of students to create positive classroom routines and procedures, as well as techniques to address specific behavioral issues of individual students.

Grades K-12: Increase Your Success as a Special Education Resource Teacher - Online Course
This online course features experienced special education teacher, instructional specialist, and national trainer Savanna Flakes. Savanna provides dozens of ideas, strategies and teaching tools that you can choose from to maximize learning, motivation and engagement of all your students.

Grades K-12: Integrate Your SLP Interventions into Classrooms Using Timesaving Strategies to Move from a Caseload to a Workload Approach - Online Course
The purpose of this course is to expand your professional repertoire with proven, easy-to-implement options that support best practices for school-based SLPs and take into account the time, budgetary and instructional constraints in today’s busy schools.

Grades K-12: Practical Strategies for Special Education Paraprofessionals in Inclusive Classrooms - Online Course
Skilled paraprofessionals are critical to the success of students with special needs in general education inclusive classrooms. This course demonstrates practical, highly-effective strategies that enhance the learning and performance of special education students in K-12 inclusive classrooms.

Grades K-12: SLPs: Enhance Therapy Effectiveness for Auditory Processing Disorder, Memory Deficits, Attention Deficit Disorder and Language Processing Disorder - Online Course
This online course features audiologist Suzanne Foley’s seminar on auditory processing disorder. Suzanne explains what APD is, how to screen for it, and how to provide treatment.

Grades K-12: Strengthening the Executive Function Skills of Students with Special Needs - Online Course
Executive functions enable students to manage their time and work effort, engage in appropriate behaviors and thrive as learners: critical skills for academic success. In this course you’ll see a wealth of strategies and techniques for addressing executive function difficulties that prevent students with special needs from being prepared and ready learn to across a range of classroom settings, grades K-12.

Grades K-12: Timesaving Strategies to Integrate Your OT Interventions into Classrooms - Online Course
Specifically designed for school-based occupational therapists, this On Demand online course is organized around video clips of a seminar presented by sought-after school therapist, Beverly Moskowitz.

Grades PreK-6: Speech-Language Therapy: Promoting Rapid Change for Children with Severe Phonological Disorder - Online Course
This online course features Terri Farnham, as she shares her seminar on how to promote rapid change for children with severe phonological disorders.