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Vince Mancuso is a highly experienced secondary teacher, national presenter, and author with a passion for sparking engagement, cultivating motivation, and developing greater confidence in student learning. He is a frequent presenter at seminars and conferences, where his sessions draw standing-room only crowds. Vince enjoys sharing with fellow educators his enthusiasm for innovative tools and practical strategies that engage and motivate students. His ideas are powerful and practical, each proven in his own classroom and by the thousands of educators who have attended his seminars.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"I took 10 pages of notes and ideas! I was thoroughly engaged and I am ready to use these strategies. Thank you!"
- Brande Stiles, Teacher

"This was a very informative seminar. I learned many new tips and tricks that I cannot wait to use in my classroom. Well done Vince!"
- Amanda Emmons, 4th Grade Special Education Teacher

"This was GREAT! Encouraging conversation and group input was really engaging and made learning so much more fun!"
- Leah Braymiller, Speech Therapist

"This seminar motivated me and reminded me that we never stop learning and growing. Keep it fun and exciting and students will start learning. I did become an educator to inspire so it's good to remember!"
- Carrie Hoff, Elementary Teacher

"This seminar was very helpful, providing strategies to use immediately in the classroom. Vince was engaging and allowed all the people participating to speak and feel heard. He answered all of our questions with the background and knowledge of a seasoned teacher."
- Trich Colman, Teacher