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SHERI SUTTERLEY is an exceptional Kindergarten teacher. She regularly presents at Kindergarten conferences and has served as a mentor and master teacher throughout her extensive career. Sheri is particularly passionate about incorporating cutting-edge practices with Kindergarten children. Her seminars are filled with proven, practical, developmentally appropriate ideas for enhancing Kindergarten instruction and increasing the success of Kindergartners. She is also the author of Best Cutting-Edge Strategies for Kindergarten, the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive at the seminar. Sheri's joy for teaching our youngest learners is captivating and she enjoys equipping fellow Kindergarten teachers with powerful, current ideas and strategies designed to strengthen the learning of our youngest students. Join Sheri for a fast-paced, engaging, creative, and fun day full of practical ways to increase Kindergartners' learning and social-emotional growth.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"I was impressed with how much we covered in one day. There were so many wonderful ideas and activities shared."
Debra Hedin, Kindergarten Teacher

"Very informative and helpful with lots of great ideas to use now and in the future. Sheri was a wonderful speaker and very knowledgeable."
Lori Anderson, Teacher

"I was so impressed with Sheri's seminar. It was extremely meaningful and well done. Thank you so much!"
Jennifer Zink, Teacher

"I have been teaching preschool or Kindergarten for 20 years! Sheri gave me many new, refreshing ideas and renewed my creativity again!"
Melissa Smalley, Kindergarten Teacher

"Very practical, engaging and appropriate for my classroom age group. I love the volume of materials Sheri made available to us. Thank you for a great seminar!"
Chrysanthy Crooks, Teacher

"Ms. Sutterley is such a wealth of knowledge! Her seminar was fabulous and jam packed with resources I can easily adapt to my classroom tomorrow! I love her handbook and the Google Drive she provided is wonderful!"
Mollie Grigsby, Kindergarten Teacher

"What a great seminar! I learned lots of hands-on activities I can use with my Kindergartners."
Angela Lohmann, Kindergarten Teacher

"Terrific seminar! Thanks for sharing such great ideas that I will definitely use in my classroom!"
Cherie Stoffa, Kindergarten Teacher

"This has been a fantastic day full of great ideas! I have been teaching for over 20 years and I am walking away refreshed with new things to bring to my classroom!"
JoAnna Timura, Kindergarten Teacher

"Sheri was amazing. You can see and hear her compassion for Kindergarten flow out through her voice. She was very knowledgeable and helpful."
Jordyn Rimmer, Kindergarten Teacher