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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Cathy Collier is an enthusiastic, engaging national presenter and author with more than 30 years of experience. As a primary teacher and reading specialist, Cathy brings to her seminars an exceptional depth of knowledge about current practical strategies for all struggling K-2 readers. Her passion for teaching emergent readers and her belief that all students should be given tools, not excuses, drives her to develop the most effective interventions. You will find her seminar highly interactive, energizing and exactly what you need to support your struggling K-2 readers.

You will also receive Highly Targeted Interventions for Students Struggling with Reading, the extensive resource handbook Cathy developed specifically for this seminar, as well as online resources and a free digital download packed with ready to-use interventions. You will leave this seminar equipped with many new and innovative strategies you will be able to use immediately for helping your K-2 students become more successful, readers.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"This was honestly one of the most beneficial workshops I have every attended in my 20 years of teaching. Having interventions broken down by skill was extremely helpful; I already have so many students that I will be implementing the activities with. Not only will they be helpful to me as the school’s reading specialist, but I am always trying to help the teachers implement interventions into their classrooms."
Tiffany Poquette, Reading Specialist

"Extremely informative session. I plan to use many of the materials and tips highlighted during this presentation."
Gigeta Utley, Coach/MTSS Support

"So many resources, which is such a great asset and time saver for busy educators!"
Lisa Handfield, Literacy Consultant

"Excellent seminar: relevant, user friendly, and shared the materials! I loved it and feel I can use most all of it."
Dina DeSena, Interventionist

"Great seminar! Can’t wait to get back into the classroom and try some things out"
Liz Peterson, Title I Teacher