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KELLY HARMON is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter with extensive experience teaching literacy. Drawing from her many years as a classroom teacher, instructional coach and national consultant, Kelly's presentations are fast-paced, interactive and highly engaging providing you with practical strategies to use your classroom tomorrow. You will receive dozens of classroom-proven ideas you can use to strengthen your reading and writing instruction helping students catch up when they have fallen behind!

Kelly has a wealth of ideas and strategies to help you refine your literacy program. She is the author of Practicing Skills, Strategies, & Processes: Classroom Techniques to Help Students Develop Proficiency, and the author of Catching Up Students Who’ve Fallen Behind in Reading or Writing (Grades 3-5), the extensive digital resource handbook she developed just for this strategy-packed seminar that can be used immediately with your Grades 3-5 students. You won't want to miss this day filled with humor, fun and a wealth of practical information that will boost your approach to teaching.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Kelly has so much information and is so passionate about the material that one can't help but get excited to go try everything as soon as possible. There was something for absolutely every teacher in my school. I will be sharing everything that I can, not just to get our students up to speed from having such a non-normal school last year, but moving forward for 'regular' school years. I can't thank you enough!"
Michelle Burleigh, Reading Specialist

"I thought Kelly did a great job giving us a wealth of ideas to bring back to our classrooms and validating some of the strategies I am currently using with my students. I had the opportunities to look at these from a new perspective."
Lisa Kabonick, Title I Reading Specialist

"An amazing seminar!"
Peggy Brown, Reading Specialist

"Kelly was able to relay a great amount of information in a short amount of time. She was clear and gave strategies that I could implement immediately."
Erin Daly, ESL

"Kelly is positive, inviting, and warm. She is very knowledgeable and gave me great resources."
Danielle Drayton, 2nd Grade Teacher