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Sabrina Janczak is an engaging, dynamic presenter, an award-winning world language teacher and author. Throughout her career, she has focused on finding engaging and effective ways to enable students to authentically use the target language while fostering a classroom culture where students want to use the target language. She is the recipient of her state's World Language Teacher of the Year Award and has been nominated for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) National World Language Teacher of the Year Award. Sabrina is the author of New, Innovative Strategies for Increasing Comprehensible Input in Your WORLD LANGUAGE CLASSROOM (Grades 6-12), the extensive world language resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. The handbook is filled with practical, effective ways to develop communicative proficiency by meaningfully communicating in the target language.

Sabrina's seminars are known for being fun, fast paced, personable, inspiring, and filled with strategies that you can immediately implement in your world language instruction.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Sabrina is one of the most energetic, positive, entertaining instructors that I have ever seen. Even after teaching for more than 20 years, she provided me with new ideas and strategies that I can implement."
Heidi Carrillo, Spanish Teacher/Dept. Chair

"Sabrina breaks down powerful comprehension-based strategies into understandable steps accessible to those just beginning the CI journey. At the same time, her variations of classic CI activities made this a useful and compelling seminar for a long-time CI practitioner."
Ariene Borutzki, Teacher

"Sabrina presented valuable activities that foster classroom culture. I appreciated her enthusiasm and mission to improve our field."
Krystal Moreno, Spanish Teacher

"Sabrina gives great examples for practical application in class."
Francesca Regalado, Teacher

"Sabrina's seminar is amazing. We were students and she was the best teacher."
Arpy Hamparian, Teacher

"I loved Sabrina's seminar. Great ideas. I plan on putting them to use in my classroom this week."
Alejandro Lopez, Teacher

"Sabrina's seminar was so helpful and informative. I LOVED her."
Stephanie Noyce, French Teacher

"Sabrina is a very enthusiastic presenter! I love all the energy she brings with her."
Charlotte Finlinson, French Teacher

"Sabrina is very informative. She provided many new ideas and presented the ideas in an interesting manner."
Audrey Pike, Spanish Teacher

"Sabrina's seminar is fantastique! Very helpful and useful information and insights."
Anna Irby, French Teacher