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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

SALANDRA GRICE is a dynamic early childhood and kindergarten teacher, consultant, author, and national presenter and trainer. Her background includes extensive classroom experience in the early childhood classroom and advanced training and education in urban and multicultural education. Throughout her career, she has translated her passion for equity in schools into interactive, engaging, and transformative learning experiences for educators to develop their expertise in culturally responsive practices. The activities and lessons she created for this seminar are designed to help educators create more successful learning experiences for every ELL student, every day! Participants enjoy her enthusiasm and love of teaching young learners as her excitement exudes throughout her seminars.

Salandra is the author of Strengthen ELL Students' Learning in Pre-K and Kindergarten, the extensive digital resource handbook each participant will receive. Each lesson was uniquely created by her and classroom tested with her own ELL students. Her presentation style is fun, engaging, and interactive - there is no such thing as sit-and-get with her! Audience members are encouraged to actively participate in lesson demonstrations to experience first-hand the kind of learning students will receive when you take these lessons and activities back to your classroom. Join Salandra for a fun and interactive day filled with practical and ready-to-implement ideas to increase learning for the ELL students in your classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"I appreciated the content, overview, extensive materials, and resources. The pace was perfect, as well as engagement. One of the best seminars I have attended. Would definitely do it again."
- Alysha Hershey, Supervisor

"I appreciate all of the ideas you shared today. I am excited to start incorporating some of the activities next week! I started a list of activities and resources I want to use next year. I feel inspired!"
- Ana Arenella, Kindergarten Teacher

"Great strategies! I've been teaching ELs for over 10 years and it's amazing the amount of knowledge and information that's taken for granted. Thank you for the new strategies and the reminders of tried and tested strategies that still work."
- Heather Wallace, ELL Teacher

"I enjoyed not only Salandra, but also hearing from other local educators. I love how many resources I am leaving with and strategies that I can implement TOMORROW! Awesome presentation, great resources, and so much learning! Thank you!"
- Rachel Wellendorg, ESOL Coordinator