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Mary Peterson is an enthusiastic classroom teacher of ELL students with over 30 years of K-8 teaching experience. She is known for her highly motivating ideas and the practicality of her presentations. She is an experienced teacher trainer, mentor teacher and adjunct professor. Mary presents seminars that are fast-paced, inspiring and, above all, practical. You will leave with the extensive digital resource handbook written by Mary specifically for this seminar, Helping English Learners Exit Your ELL Program: Impactful Strategies to Increase Student Success (Grades K-8), as well as a wealth of ideas, strategies and activities you can use immediately with your ELL students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Thank you! I am so excited and can't wait to take the strategies back and use them! I was so engaged the whole time. The handbook is truly magical."
Mailunhia Lynhiavu, Reading Intervention Teacher

"Mary's seminar was full of fun and rich ideas that I can't wait to incorporate into lesson plans!"
Phonethip Sangasy, ESL Para

"This was one of the most useful and practical professional development seminars that I've attended in a long time. There were so many strategies that I can use immediately. Mary was engaging the entire time and I look forward to going to more of her seminars!"
N. Garner, ELL Teacher

"'ELL strategies are good for everyone!' was probably the most accurate statement I have heard. I spent the entire seminar planning how to use the materials with my whole class. This was such a practical and realistic seminar that I know I can actually use the material tomorrow!"
Melisa Shepard, 2nd Grade Teacher