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Lynne Ecenbarger is an outstanding educator, consultant, and international presenter who is known for her enthusiasm and practical ideas for improving learning for all as an instructional coach. Lynne has served as a classroom teacher serving both general ed and special ed students, as well as ELLs. She has also worked as a reading coach and as an instructional coach. She displays an extraordinary passion for implementing the newest, most innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Drawing from her years of experience, Lynne shares the best-of-the-best, focusing on realistic, practical strategies. She is the author of Increasing Your Impact as an Instructional Coach (Grades K-6), the extensive digital resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Lynne brings years of diverse experience to her seminars in providing practical and replicable professional development with a wealth of ideas you'll want to use immediately as you train others.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Great content and amazing presentation!  Thank you so much.  One of the best seminars I've taken on coaching!"
– Kate Hallett, K-6 Instructional Coach

"I really enjoyed Lynne's presentation. I felt that I gained a lot of valuable information [and] I was able to reflect on what my current practices are and what I could do to shift towards where I want to be."
– Shelby Davis, Math Instructional Coach

"Received a great deal of information. Has me looking at coaching in a very different way via sharing student data. Brilliant actually."
– Kevin Sieling, School Adminstrator

"Loved the instructional strategies reminders...and learned some new ones as well.  Great PD .  Thank you!"
– Amy Sanderson, Reading Coach

"Lynne was very knowledgeable and had great resources and suggestions!!"
– Pamela Stevens, Literacy Coach

"I absolutely loved the handouts and resources. Thank you, Lynne, for your expertise!"
– Keri Livingston, Coordinator of Professional Development

"Thank you for all of the ready to use strategies!  These will be great for my practice."
– Kristine James, Instructional Coach

"I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar and have learned a lot during this session.  Thank you for providing the Google documents and additional strategies for successful coaching!"
– Stephanie Dougherty, Instructional Coach