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Improve Your Students' MATH Growth (Grades 6-12)

Presented by Linda Johnson-McClinton
Outstanding Math Teacher and National Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Grades 6-12 Math Teachers, Math Department Heads, Special Education Staff, Title I Staff, Instructional Assistants and Administrators

  • Practical strategies to improve math growth and achievement for ALL your students
  • Advance your students’ learning and application of math skills and knowledge
  • Help your students make forward progress in MATH more quickly
  • Receive a digital resource handbook filled with ready-to-use math activities and resources to strengthen your students’ math growth

Practical Ideas and Strategies

This unique, NEW, one-day seminar is designed specifically for grades 6-12 MATH teachers who are looking for strategies to improve student growth in mathematics. The strategies and approaches presented by Dr. Linda Johnson-McClinton will boost your students’ ability to learn the concepts needed to increase their academic growth without consuming your time with hours of re-teaching all those missing or lost foundational skills. Strategies from this seminar will improve your students’ strength in conceptual understanding of the mathematical skills that often hold them back or delay their growth and help them develop a more optimal mindset for learning math. Learn practical strategies to help your students identify how math is a “cornerstone” and provide applications for their real-world concerns. You’ll leave the seminar with valuable resources, tools and strategies that can be immediately used to improve grades 6-12 math learning.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Improve Your Students’ Math Growth
    Learn practical strategies to boost your students’ math learning and important conceptual understandings … Keep your students more productively challenged and making faster progress toward their math goals
  2. Learn Key Elements for Increasing Math Learning in Grades 6-12
    Boost your students’ ability to learn and apply the math skills slowing them down with the elements to improve the pace of learning for your all your math students
  3. Practical Strategies to Help Your Struggling Students Access More Complex Math Standards
    Practical ways to bypass ineffective remediation and help your students find more success with math standards … Learn doable strategies to help your students catch up faster and experience greater success in math
  4. Address the Math Achievement Gap in Your Classroom
    Maximize your limited time with students using classroom-tested strategies to increase math learning for your students in grades 6-12 … Discover innovative ways to help guide students to become more independent learners no matter how far behind or ahead they are in math
  5. Learn Step-by Step Ways Enhance Your Students’ Math Growth
    Discover how to incorporate the principles of accelerated learning into your current math lessons to help expedite your students through the learning process … Guide them toward more ownership and confidence in learning math
  6. Step Up Your Students’ Growth in Math
    Learn how to identify important prerequisite math skills more easily to ‘fast forward’ students’ math learning at every level … Decrease the learning gaps and help your students meet or exceed their math standards
  7. Help Your Struggling Students Adopt a Better Approach to Learning Math
    Dramatically improve your struggling students’ approach to learning math … Help your students evolve as mathematicians as they adopt the role of problem solver instead of rushing to write down unreasonable answers
  8. Decrease the Barriers that Often Delay Student Growth in MATH
    Learn practical approaches that will remove the barriers that delay your students’ growth in math … Discover better ways to approach lessons and support more rapid learning and growth of all your math students
  9. Increase Math Achievement at All Levels in Your Classroom
    Boost achievement at all levels with valuable ideas and tips to improve engagement in learning … Help your students better connect the math skills and concepts they are learning to their personal world and ignite their desire to learn math
  10. Receive an Extensive Digital Resource Handbook for Improving Math Growth
    Each participant will receive the extensive digital resource handbook designed specifically for this seminar that is filled with dozens of ideas, tools, and strategies for improving students’ growth in grades 6-12 Math

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • The key components essential to improving student learning outcomes in math
  • Identify specific strategies to improve students’ academic vocabulary, collaborative problem-solving skills, and self-efficacy in your math class
  • Boost your students’ growth using essential elements pivotal to incorporating math conversations
  • Close the MATH achievement gap with classroom-ready tools and ideas to strengthen math growth
  • Find ideas to enhance student competence, interest, and participation in your math class
  • Learn research-based strategies to enhance student engagement in math lessons
  • Give your struggling math students a new and better way to approach their math learning
  • Discover key elements to incorporate into your daily lessons that will improve student learning
  • How to help students make better connections between math concepts and real-world scenarios
  • Incorporate techniques to improve students’ confidence in their approach to learning math
  • Help students achieve a more optimal mindset for learning math
  • Strategies for successfully weaving math into the curriculum as a part of interdisciplinary learning
  • Ideas and tools to encourage and strengthen mathematical understanding and application
  • Learn unique strategies to engage math students for increased learning
  • Innovative ways to help your MATH students become more independent learners
  • Help your students better understand the relevance of math to their real world
  • Get dozens of ideas, tools, and strategies to help you boost achievement in your math classroom

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

As math teachers, we are very aware of the importance of foundational knowledge and skills when approaching secondary level math learning. In these unprecedented times, our students seem to be arriving in our math class either already struggling with pre-requisite mathematical skills or possibly more ahead of the curve than we planned for, yet still showing signs of misconceptions related to unlearned or forgotten math concepts. The gaps can overwhelm. Subsequently, students begin to have self-doubt and eventually give up on learning. If this sounds familiar to you, you will want to attend this one-day seminar designed to help you better meet the needs of your students to help them improve their math growth and achievement.

My hope for this seminar is to empower you with innovative and practical strategies you can use immediately to expedite your math students’ growth toward meeting their individual math goals. You will learn and practice multifaceted ways to increase your students’ math growth, close the achievement gap faster, and boost their learning process. My goal is to provide you with a “toolbox” for learning that includes ideas, resources, and strategies to guide your students to become more independent and successful in your math class.

The time we will spend together will be a collaborative process of learning, practicing, and growing as math teachers. You will leave the seminar inspired and ready to infuse this new and innovative learning into your math class. I look forward to our day together!

Educationally yours,
Dr. Linda Johnson-McClinton

P.S. Be prepared to leave this seminar full of energy and with plenty of practical strategies you can use in your classroom right away. Let the celebration of math begin!

Who Should Attend

Grades 6-12 Math Teachers, Math Department Heads, Special Education Staff, Title I Staff, Instructional Assistants and Administrators

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive digital resource handbook giving you access to countless strategies. The handbook includes:

  • Specific ideas and strategies to improve your students’ learning in mathematics
  • Resources you can immediately use in your math class
  • Strategies to close the achievement gap and increase student growth
  • Improve students’ approach to learning math
For in-person seminars, registrants will also receive a printed copy of the resource handbook as long as their registration is received in the BER office at least 15 calendar days before the event.

Share Ideas with Other Educators
This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to share ideas with other educators interested in increasing the math learning of their students.

Consultation Available
Dr. Linda Johnson-McClinton will be available to answer your specific questions and the unique needs of your own program.

Semester Credit Option
UMASS Logo Up to four graduate level professional development credits are available with an additional fee and completion of follow-up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with University of Massachusetts Global, a nonprofit affiliate, will be available at this program.

Meet Inservice Requirements
Participants of both the Live Online Seminar and those completing the Recorded Version online can receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify five continuing education hours. State CEUs are available for both versions of the course. For specific details, visit www.ber.org/ceus.

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