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Catching Up Students Who Have Fallen Behind in Math (Grades 6-12)

Presented by Brad Fulton
Outstanding Educator and National Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Middle School and High School General Mathematics, Pre-Algebra and Algebra Teachers, Geometry Teachers, Math Interventionists, Instructional Aides, and Administrators

  • Learn practical strategies to get students back on track and up to speed quickly and efficiently
  • Great strategies to reinforce and resurrect skills that have atrophied due to unfinished learning
  • How to layer multiple skills and standards into one lesson to accelerate learning
  • Help students self-assess their work to lessen your burden and increase their fluency

Practical Ideas and Strategies

Whether it’s unfinished learning, summer break, an extended absence, or even a history of struggles in math, students fall behind. And in these trying times, your workload has increased even more. In this seminar by outstanding Grades 6-12 Math teacher BRAD FULTON, you will learn how to:

  • Catch up students who’ve fallen behind in math
  • Maximize Grades 6-12 students’ math learning
  • Cover key standards more effectively
  • Keep your workload under control

In this activity-rich seminar, Brad will share his classroom-tested techniques that have proven successful in catching up students who have fallen behind in math. Brad’s collection of activities, strategies and tools are formatted for any classroom. From struggles with their multiplication facts and fractions to solving challenging algebra problems, you’ll learn more effective ways to get quick results. Whether you are trying to get your students up to grade level or trying to get them across the graduation stage, these activities can help you and your students achieve their goals. Come and learn the strategies and techniques that have helped students who’ve fallen behind in math find success.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Practical Strategies to Maximize Lessons
    Learn how to you pack more into each lesson without overloading the students … Use multiple skills and math strands simultaneously to reinforce learning and sharpen your Grades 6-12 students’ math skills
  2. Powerful 5-Minute-a-Day Strategies to Help Students Master Key Math Facts and Fraction Operations
    Hands-on, kinesthetic approaches to teach integers that will prepare and help your students be more successful in algebra … Classroom-proven strategies you won’t want to miss!
  3. Hone Students’ Algebra and Geometry Skills
    Using clever, classroom tested activities to increase engagement in math learning for your Grades 6-12 students … Integrate algebra, geometry, number sense, and more in powerful lessons that will strengthen their fluency
  4. Get the Highest Return on Your Instructional Time
    Learn how to best invest your instructional time to get a high return … Discover must-know strategies to align your instructional minutes for maximum effect
  5. Learn Powerful Ways to Strengthen Learning for Grades 6-12 Students Whose Math Skills Have Lagged
    Whether it’s a learning gap, summer break, an extended absence, or just a lack of skills, these classroom-tested and student-success strategies will help your Grades 6-12 students catch up
  6. Reduce Your Time Grading Papers
    Put more assessment into the hands of your Grades 6-12 students so they work more efficiently with fewer errors … Free yourself from correcting papers all evening!
  7. Connect with Powerful, Free Online Resources
    Gain access to dozens of free, ready-to-use resources, lessons and activities that are proven to work well with your struggling math students in grades 6-12
  8. Receive New, Updated Resources that Increase the Effectiveness of Skills Practice
    The top three innovative activities that reinforce critical numeracy skills … See how easily these activities are adapted across a wide range of grade levels and abilities
  9. Learn More Efficient Strategies for Teaching and Solving Challenging Algebraic Problems
    Help students extend their learning in arithmetic and number sense so they can better factor polynomials, solve combined work problems, and more!
  10. Receive an Extensive Digital Resource Handbook
    Each participant will receive a comprehensive digital resource handbook filled with dozens of valuable resources, strategies, ready-to-use tips, and tools to implement highly effective math lessons for your students who have fallen behind in math

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Practical strategies to make a dramatic difference for your students whose math skills have atrophied
  • How to utilize self-assessment techniques to increase their learning and free you to more meaningful work
  • Teach students strategies to solve difficult problems with algebra
  • Visual approaches to teach fractions, decimals, percent, and algebra using a geometric model
  • How to use conceptual layering to teach students to multiply and factor polynomials
  • Strategies to present algebra in a brain-friendly format that will engage students
  • Connect with online videos that can provide instructional support for students
  • Simple and engaging strategies for powerful skill practice usable in any classroom
  • Dozens of practical strategies for helping your struggling students develop math fluency with fractions, multiplication, and algebra
  • Fun, motivating ideas for teaching numeracy skills
  • Help your struggling students get up to speed – show them the way to get back in the game!
  • Gain dozens of instructional activities to connect with your lagging learners
  • Web resources including free resources, lessons, and activities
  • Leave with a wealth of activities that build upon one another for enhanced learning
  • Learn how to match your instructional minutes to the state standards and state test so you are teaching what they need to know

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

As a fellow educator, I have spent well over 30 years searching for the best strategies for helping struggling students accelerate their Grades 6-12 math skills, and I’m glad to say that these students can find success in math! In these challenging times, your minutes matter. More is being asked of you every year, and many students are coming to your class lacking skills they should have gained previously.

I can show you ways to alleviate your workload without sacrificing results. In fact, you’ll get better results! You’ll notice that your work is more reasonable, and your students will see that their skills are improving. I’m going to show you the unique and easy strategies that get them back in the game and up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I’ll share the best-of-the-best of my classroom-proven strategies. I’m still using these strategies in the classroom every day, so I’m going to show you what is working for me and will work for you.

By our morning break you will want to race back to your classroom and share these techniques with your own students. But then you’d miss all the cool ideas to come throughout the day. I hope you’ll take time out of your busy schedule to join me in this seminar. You’ll find the investment of your time will yield big results for your students and take some of the burden off of your busy shoulders. I can’t wait to get started in helping you catch up your students who’ve fallen behind!

Brad Fulton

P.S. I guarantee you will leave this seminar re-energized and armed with ready-to-use tools and strategies that will make a tremendous difference for your math students who have fallen behind.

Who Should Attend

Middle School and High School General Mathematics, Pre-Algebra and Algebra Teachers, Geometry Teachers, Math Interventionists, Instructional Aides, and Administrators

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive digital resource handbook giving you access to countless strategies. The handbook includes:

  • Ready-to-use, classroom-proven math strategies for helping students get up to speed
  • Integrate multiple standards for more powerful learning
  • Ideas for extensions and LOTS of links to FREE online resources
  • Great activities for students who are missing critical content
  • Specific strategies to accelerate student learning through “multi-stranding” and self-assessment
For in-person seminars, registrants will also receive a printed copy of the resource handbook as long as their registration is received in the BER office at least 15 calendar days before the event.

Share Ideas with Other Educators
This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to share ideas with other educators interested in catching up their Grades 6-12 students who have fallen behind in math.

Consultation Available
Brad Fulton will be available to answer your specific questions and the unique needs of your own program.

Semester Credit Option
UMASS Logo Up to four graduate level professional development credits are available with an additional fee and completion of follow-up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with University of Massachusetts Global, a nonprofit affiliate, will be available at this program.

Meet Inservice Requirements
Participants of both the Live Online Seminar and those completing the Recorded Version online can receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify five continuing education hours. State CEUs are available for both versions of the course. For specific details, visit www.ber.org/ceus.

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