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Resources to Conduct PD With Your Staff

BER PD Resource Kits are designed to help your teachers strengthen their instruction and enhance student learning. Each program demonstrates effective instructional practices and outstanding teaching in real classrooms. PD Resource Kits include all necessary resources to facilitate your PD event.

  • Small groups
    Teacher teams, grade level groups, departments, and professional learning communities find these outstanding resources ideal in pursuing their PD goals. Viewing the video clips of model strategies and reading the supporting documents can stimulate discussions that lead to new learning and implementation of enhanced practices.
  • Large groups
    Entire school departments, school staffs, and district staffs can use these outstanding PD courses to inform and enhance current practices.

Our PD Resource Kits are highly practical and consistently receive excellent evaluations.

NEW! Now offering PD Resource Kits with instant access Streaming Video or DVD Video Clips

Streaming Video Format

DVD Format

  • Instant access, no need to wait for shipping
  • Access from any device with an internet connection
  • Downloadable Facilitator's Guide and reproducible hand-outs for participants
  • More cost effective
  • DVD video access, no need for internet connection or computer
  • Physical Facilitator's Guide and reproducible hand-outs for participants
  • Add to your existing PD collection
  • Use it year after year

What's included in a PD Resource Kit?

Facilitator's Guide image
Facilitator's Discussion Guide
Video clips image
Video Clips showing model strategies
Streaming or on DVD
Video clips image
Reproducible PD Print Resources

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