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Tools and Timesaving Tips to Dramatically
Improve Student Writing

(Grades 3-6)

Presented by Annemarie Johnson
Outstanding Teacher, Staff Developer and International Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Teachers Serving Grades 3-6

  • A wealth of powerful strategies that save time without sacrificing quality writing instruction
  • Concrete ways to streamline the process of providing feedback and evaluating student writing
  • Highly effective management tips for increasing student independence and decreasing reliance on the teacher
  • Dozens of ideas, activities, tips, and tools that are time efficient and help you work smarter, not harder
  • Displays, student samples and a comprehensive resource handbook packed with ready-to-use timesaving tips, writing strategies, mini-lessons, and ideas designed just for grades 3-6 teachers

Practical Ideas and Strategies

This highly practical seminar has been designed for educators serving grades 3-6 to help you increase the quality and efficiency of your writing instruction. Specifically, this seminar will focus on ways to work smarter, not harder, both during and after the school day. Seminar participants will leave with NEW, innovative, and ready-to-use strategies designed to build student independence, streamline the process of grading student writing, and dramatically lift the level of instruction.

Annemarie Johnson will share a wealth of writing ideas and strategies that will save valuable time and engage all levels of writers. Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook filled with specific timesaving ideas, model materials and strategies ready to use in any grades 3-6 classroom.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Practical Strategies to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder
    Spend more time teaching and less time grading … Tips, tools and tricks to save time and improve instruction
  2. Discover Fresh, Innovative Strategies for Providing Effective, Timesaving Feedback
    Discover what research says about feedback … Use exit slips, partner conferences and revision lenses to provide the most specific feedback and targeted instruction to your grades 3-6 students\
  3. Establish Effective Classroom Management Structures
    Gain back precious instructional minutes by developing strong protocols and routines … Hold students accountable for following these structures … Teach students their jobs so you can do yours
  4. Streamline the Grading Process
    Harness the power of self-assessment … Establish writing partnerships … Teach students to give themselves and their classmates valuable feedback
  5. Simplify Writing Instruction by Understanding the Qualities of Strong Writing
    Demystify the teaching of narrative, information, and opinion/argument writing … Provide students with a solid understanding of the qualities all strong writing possesses … Learn to teach these qualities most efficiently
  6. Accelerate Success by Building Student Independence
    Teach students to rely on you less so that you have more time for conferring … Empower students to make decisions about their writing … Help students discover the power of mentor texts … Employ goal-setting techniques
  7. Teach for Transference
    Help students realize that what they know about making writing strong in one text type can be transferred to other types of writing … Save instructional time by helping students make these connections
  8. Strengthen Understanding and Use of the Writing Process
    Learn ways to help students plan, organize and revise their writing … Receive ideas to help students develop writing fluency and elaborate their ideas
  9. Learn about the “Predictable Problems” Writers Encounter
    Discover the roadblocks that get in the developing writer’s way … Walk away with step-by-step tips for helping students overcome them … Anticipate predictable problems to save you time and lift the level of instruction
  10. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!
    Demonstrations, video clips, student samples, and more! Leave with many resources to enhance your writing program … An extensive resource handbook with lessons, reproducibles, and lists of recommended resources including professional books, blogs, and websites

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Timesaving protocols and routines to maximize instructional time
  • Time-efficient tips and tools to help you work smarter, not harder
  • Instructional strategies and techniques to significantly boost students’ writing skills and confidence
  • Best techniques for using partner conferences to provide students with immediate feedback
  • Numerous ideas, strategies and demonstrations to strengthen and enrich your current writing program
  • Ideas for using anchor charts to increase student independence
  • Increase your knowledge about the qualities of strong writing and your confidence to teach them
  • Release responsibility to your students to gain time for more targeted instruction
  • Practical and manageable strategies for helping grades 3-6 students give feedback to each other
  • Cut down on the time you spend grading students’ written assignments
  • Anticipate the predictable problems of developing writers to streamline your instruction
  • Strengthen your students’ understanding of the writing process
  • Successful techniques for making editing a collaborative process instead of a teacher-directed one
  • Tips for using exit slips to check in with students throughout the writing process
  • Techniques for assessing student writing and conferring with grades 3-6 writers
  • Outstanding strategies to empower and inspire students to expand their writing skills
  • Proven methods for involving students in the assessment process
  • Powerful ways to incorporate reflection and goal setting and foster student independence
  • Engaging ways to use mentor texts to simplify and elevate the quality of your writing instruction
  • A bibliography of professional resources, websites and mentor texts perfect for saving you valuable time and for taking your writing instruction to the next level

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

As classroom teachers, our most precious commodity is timetime to plan, time to teach, time to grade, and the list goes on. This time scarcity is compounded by the physical amount of time it takes to read and give constructive feedback on students’ writing. This, in turn, eats up valuable time to plan for quality instruction. If we are going to win this battle against time, we must discover ways to work smarter, not harder. That’s what this seminar is all about.

So who is doing the heavy lifting in your grades 3-6 classroom? Who is spending the most time looking at students’ writing? If it is you and not your students, they may not be getting the full benefit from your writing instruction.

During our day together I will share powerful, effective, time-efficient teaching strategies that will both empower your grades 3-6 writers and save you valuable time. Some of the topics we will explore include:

  • Practical tips that save you time but don’t sacrifice quality instruction
  • Ideas for streamlining the grading process
  • Management techniques that empower student writers and increase their independence
  • Strategies for strengthening your students’ understanding of the writing process and the qualities of strong writing

It is my goal that you will leave this seminar with renewed enthusiasm and a passion for teaching writing. I hope you will join me for a day that promises to be dynamic, fast-paced, and packed with ideas!

Annemarie Johnson

P.S. You will leave this seminar energized and armed with practical writing strategies to use immediately in your own grades 3-6 classroom.

Who Should Attend

Teachers Serving Grades 3-6.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. The handbook includes:

  • Time efficient tips and tools for teaching writing
  • Highly effective management tips
  • Specific ways on how to streamline the evaluation of students’ writing
  • and much, much more...

Meet and Share
This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in timesaving tips and tools to enhance their writing programs.

Consultation Available
Annemarie Johnson will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions and the unique needs of your own writing program.

On-Site Training Guarantee

BER is not a booking agency that just finds a presenter who presents on the topic you requested. Rather, we only recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

Consequently, we provide a strong program guarantee.

We guarantee you'll be fully satisfied or you'll owe us nothing after your on-site training event.

Bring this seminar to your school or district!

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