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Providing the Reading and Writing Skills Essential to Meeting High Mathematics Standards

(Grades 6-12)

Presented by Beatrice Moore Harris
Outstanding Mathematics Teacher and Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Teachers Serving Grades 6-12

  • Highly practical strategies and methods for providing critical reading and writing skills to students struggling with word/application problems and/or with mathematical performance assessments
  • Innovative ideas for expanding your repertoire of techniques to help all your students with the reading and writing skills necessary for success in today's mathematics curriculum
  • Easy-to-use, inexpensive activities that will strengthen your students' abilities to read, write and explain mathematics application problems
  • Receive an extensive resource handbook packed with classroom-proven ideas that you can use immediately in your grades 6-12 classroom

Practical Ideas and Strategies

If you are a mathematics teacher in grades 6-12 faced with the challenge of teaching students who struggle with word/application problems or performance assessments that require students to communicate ideas in writing, this outstanding seminar is for you. Beatrice Moore-Harris is a nationally known expert in mathematics who understands the learning needs of students and the importance of developing strong communication skills in mathematics. The powerful strategies and activities included in this seminar are research-based, classroom-tested, highly effective, and are ready to be implemented in your classroom immediately. The focus is on easy-to-use, no-cost or low-cost activities that will enhance your students' abilities to read, write and explain mathematics application problems. These specific reading and writing activities and techniques will help your students perform at their best on state mathematics assessments. All teachers of mathematics in grades 6-12 who work with students who possess poor technical reading skills, weak math vocabulary, and insufficient writing skills for communicating their answers will benefit from this seminar. You will leave with an extensive resource handbook to support you as you implement these practical strategies in your classroom.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Strengthen Your Students' Performance in Mathematics with Highly Effective Reading and Writing Skills
    Learn practical strategies for increasing your students' success in mathematics performance assessments by providing them with mathematically specific reading and writing skills
  2. Develop Your Students' Writing Skills in Mathematics
    Apply specific writing strategies designed for mathematics classrooms in grades 6-12… Help your students clarify and express their math learning by putting their thinking into words
  3. Incorporate Reading and Writing Skills that will Assist the Mathematical Instruction of ESOL/ESL Students
    Discover easily included reading and writing strategies for supporting your ESL students as they tackle word/application problems
  4. Enhance Existing Problem Solving Strategies
    The strategies you will learn can be easily integrated into your existing plan for problem solving to further strengthen students' understanding of how to attack and solve application problems
  5. Build Highly Effective, Collaborative Problem Solving Techniques
    Learn strategies for small and large group problem solving with emphasis on making each student accountable for his/her own work
  6. Develop Your Students' Active Mathematical Vocabulary
    Learn powerful strategies for strengthening your students' abilities to understand and produce technical vocabulary and text features to communicate mathematical understanding
  7. Assist Your Students in Communicating More Effectively About Mathematical Data
    Help your students express their mathematical observations and conclusions concisely in writing about data they have collected… Easy-to-use methods for providing your students with the tools they need for success in mathematics
  8. Improve Your Students' State and District Mathematical Assessment Scores by Strengthening their Reading and Writing Skills
    Provide the critical reading and writing skills your students need to be successful in high stakes district and state assessments . . . All these outstanding reading and writing strategies are aligned with the NCTM Principles and Standards
  9. Motivate Your Students with Innovative Reading and Writing Activities Within a Mathematical Framework
    Learn how your students may be easily motivated with activities that relate to their world, are culturally relevant, and are open-ended… Engaging ideas that strengthen essential reading and writing skills
  10. Receive an Extensive Resource Handbook
    This highly practical resource handbook is packed with dozens of ideas, strategies, tips, and activities designed just for mathematics teachers in grades 6-12

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Powerful methods for strengthening your students' mathematical reading and writing skills
  • The twenty best, classroom-proven strategies for broadening and extending your mathematics teaching repertoire for increasing your students' abilities to read and solve word/application problems
  • Practical strategies for helping your ESOL/ESL students with the reading and writing skills they need for success in mathematics How to use descriptive, compare/contrast, persuasive, and "how to" modes of writing to facilitate responses to word/application problems
  • Specific questioning strategies that facilitate reading for mathematical understanding
  • Easy-to-use techniques to help your students reflect orally and in writing in the problem solving process
  • Realistic ideas for increasing mathematical vocabulary
  • Specific techniques to help students evaluate and revise their written explanations of solutions to word/application problems
  • Practical suggestions for helping your students with note-taking
  • Step-by-step guidelines for helping your students transition from oral explanations to written explanations
  • Innovative ideas to improve your students' recognition and understanding of mathematical symbols
  • Inexpensive, engaging hands-on activities that strengthen reading and writing skills in mathematical applications
  • How to use summarization strategies to assess students' understanding in problem solving situations
  • How to use language skills to define, classify, compare, and extend mathematical concepts and algorithms
  • Tips for editing and revising written math assignments
  • How to locate and use reference materials as a natural part of the problem solving process
  • How to take a position and justify it in writing using appropriate mathematical vocabulary and representation
  • Outstanding strategies to help your students synthesize, analyze and evaluate mathematical information as part of the problem solving process
  • Work smarter, not harder… Classroom-proven techniques that will help you make the most of your valuable mathematics teaching time
  • Practical reading and writing strategies that will help improve your students' performance on state mathematics assessments

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

I have spent a significant part of 25 years in mathematics education teaching students who possess weak technical reading skills, are missing a strong command of the language of mathematics, or lack the necessary writing skills to communicate understanding. In some cases, it is a matter of working with students whose primary language is not English; in other situations, the students are simply lacking the essential reading and writing skills. With much study, research and hard work, I have developed a teaching repertoire that includes specific strategies and techniques for helping my students develop solid communication skills necessary in mathematics. With more emphasis on word problems, real-world application and performance tasks, students are now expected to do more than simply "get the answer". Success also includes: reading; gathering information orally and in writing; retelling information in symbolic form; analyzing, synthesizing and inferring from information; representing information visually and interpreting information presented visually; hypothesizing and predicting; understanding and producing technical vocabulary and text; and writing summaries to justify answers. As a result, it is imperative that we provide all students with opportunities that will allow them to develop these essential skills.

This seminar will provide you with practical strategies and activities that are designed for use in secondary mathematics classrooms, regardless of the math subject being taught. Research in language acquisition indicates that language is learned most effectively when it is used in significant and meaningful ways as learners interact with one another. Our focus will be on providing you with a variety of innovative reading and writing strategies that will help all your students find success in mathematics. These classroom-proven strategies will enable all your students to improve their scores on state and district mathematical assessments.

Please join me for a day devoted to improving mathematical performance and understanding through the teaching of specific reading and writing techniques. I know you will find this day valuable, motivating and exciting!


Beatrice Moore-Harris

P.S. This seminar is designed to provide you with practical, ready-to-implement ideas and activities for improving the mathematical performance of your students in grades 6-12.

Who Should Attend

Mathematics Educators Serving Grades 6-12: Classroom Teachers, Mathematics Teachers, Mathematics Department Heads, Title I Staff Members, Special Education Teachers, Resource Teachers, Instructional Aides, and Administrators.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. Included in the handbook are:

  • Specific strategies that integrate reading and writing with mathematical applications
  • References/bibliography of professional articles
  • Blackline masters of reading and writing activities designed for grades 6-12 mathematics classes
  • Information on best practices and current research in the area of mathematics

Meet and Share
This seminar provides a great opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in strengthening their students' reading and writing skills within mathematics.

Consultation Available
Beatrice Moore-Harris will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions about the unique needs of your own mathematics program.

On-Site Training Guarantee

BER is not a booking agency that just finds a presenter who presents on the topic you requested. Rather, we only recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

Consequently, we provide a strong program guarantee.

We guarantee you'll be fully satisfied or you'll owe us nothing after your on-site training event.

Bring this seminar to your school or district!

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