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Sam Kary is an exceptional educator with over 10 years of experience teaching secondary students. As a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and facilitator of teacher learning, Sam has shown a knack for communicating complex ideas with clarity and enthusiasm: it is no wonder Sam reaches a global audience of over 175,000 followers on social media and through his website, The New EdTech Classroom. Over the years Sam has experimented with numerous education technology programs in order to engage students in higher order thinking. He believes students learn best when they are provided with the right tools and guidance to analyze, evaluate, collaborate, and create. Sam is passionate about sharing the most practical ideas and best practices that are easy to implement in any Grades 6-12 classroom. Join Sam for a day full of strategies that will transform the learning of your grades 6-12 students. You will leave with the extensive digital resource handbook, Improve Student Learning with Jamboard, Kami, Canva, and MORE! (Grades 6-12), written specifically for this seminar as well as access to Sam's extensive library of video tutorials, teaching strategies, and more!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Sam Kary's work is a necessity not only for teachers, but for administrators intending to support virtual, hybrid and even traditional learning with technology."

"Unlike some Professional Development that can feel more theoretical and less practical, Sam's workshops are all about giving you tools that you can put into practice immediately to save you time and create an engaging educational experience for your students."

"The most useful PD I have experienced."

"I will never teach the same way again. Sam's work has transformed the way I think about teaching, engaging and assessing students. Thank you, Mr. Kary!"

"A plethora of wonderful information. I look forward to using many of these resources in my classroom!"

"Excellent job by Sam! Tons of wonderful strategies to be used!"