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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Crystal Trice is an award-winning educator and frequent state and national presenter. She blends her makerspace expertise and passion for sharing practical ways that educators can add a creative spark within classrooms and school programs. Crystal is known for her inspirational message, budget-friendly ideas, and innovative ways for creating outstanding makerspaces.

In addition, she is the author of the extensive resource handbook, MAKERSPACES: Creating Motivating and Engaging Makerspaces in Your Classroom and School (Grades K-6), that each participant will receive at the seminar. Crystal’s seminars are exciting, fun, practical, and packed with creative ideas you can use right away.

Join her for a day filled with the most effective, easy-to-implement ideas to help you create or enhance motivating, engaging makerspaces in your classroom or school.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Crystal did a fantastic job demystifying makerspaces. I feel confident that I will be up and running immediately.
- Valerie Lisa Grammer

“A very well-paced day. I loved the balance between videos, instruction, discussion, and hands-on activities.”
- Francesce Mellin

Many practical ideas that are very motivating for students and a lot of fun.”
- Linda Mistretta

Excellent, inspiring and extremely helpful. I am empowered to tackle makerspaces in my own school.”
- Kari Therrien

“I like the fact that there was a lot of interaction between participants and Crystal. This seminar gave me great ideas for makerspaces. Crystal is awesome!”
- Cris Miller

“Thank you Crystal, for all the great ideas. I am very motivated to get started today!
- Tina Farina

“Crystal’s seminar and her ideas are a great ‘kick start’ to setting up makerspaces in my school.”
- Thelma Verlee Dobson

“Tons of great ideas! A very organized presentation from a very knowledgeable presenter.
- Kim Clark

“An extremely well researched and organized seminar. Excellent materials, activities, examples, and presentation. A great mix of activities that provide students with many choices. I took away so many ideas including things I want to do immediately as well as things I can do for many years to come!”
- Tanya Hubbard

“This seminar was fantastic, full of wonderful ideas and resources to make makerspaces a reality!”
- Julie Darling

“So many practical ideas that I can use right away. Crystal helped me understand the concept of makerspaces so much better.”
- Krista Pedersen

“This was a great, creative seminar. Crystal did a super job, offering many, ready-to-use, take-home-now ideas.”
- Steven Rice