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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Christalle Hart is an experienced elementary school teacher, Instructional Technology Coach and Google Certified Educator. In addition to using innovative Google and Ed Tech Tools extensively with her own students, she also trains and coaches grades K-6 teachers on how to maximize student success online. Christalle has built a reputation for being a tech-savvy educator and skilled presenter.

She loves helping fellow educators discover practical, timesaving ways to leverage technology to greatly enhance distance learning. Christalle enjoys sharing effective ways to engage students in tech-rich environments that develop creativity, critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration. She is also the author of Maximize Student Success Online Using Innovative Google and Ed Tech Tools, the extensive DIGITAL resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Join Christalle for an outstanding day full of specific ways you can maximize student success online using innovative Google and Ed Tech Tools.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Very informative! I learned so much! Christalle was so patient and extremely helpful! Thank you!"
Shawna Clifford, 5/6 Teacher

"Loved it all! The digital resource handbook will help me design more interactive lessons. I love all the tools. Thank you so much!"
Laurie Crummett, 6th Grade Teacher

"Even as a Level 2 Google Certified Teacher – I still learned a lot! Christalle presented wonderful ideas and new ways to use technology!"
Heather Kozik, 3rd Grade SPED

"Excellent resources! Christalle has a nice, calm demeanor. I loved all of the step-by-step videos. Great job. Thank you!"
Nicole Hendricks, 5th Grade Teacher

"Everything was relevant, reasonable and realistic. All of this is doable and fun. Christalle did an excellent job!"
Joe Bobillo, Teacher

"Christalle was very organized. I learned lots of new things to try in my classroom."
Abby Leeper, 4th Grade Teacher

"Exciting, fun and educational seminar. Lots of free add-ons I can use. Google is my new best friend!"
Jebba Biddle-White, Teacher

"Christalle did a great job answering all of our questions and making sure we all understood before moving to the next topic. Great workshop! So much I can use immediately."
Aritha D. Harvey, 4th Grade Teacher

"Christalle's own Google Classroom that we joined is a great resource and will be perfect for helping me prep for the future."
Kimberly McClelland, Kindergarten Teacher