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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Tara Kingsley is an experienced educator and dynamic presenter. She has worked with new and experienced teachers sharing the latest new ideas and technology tools to successfully implement and refine gamification. She is familiar with the best strategies for designing the most effective lessons based on gamification techniques that give students the voice and choice they need to make their learning successful in the rigorous learning environment of today.

Tara’s enthusiasm, sound advice and ability to introduce new ideas in ways that work in a variety of content areas will motivate and entertain you as she shares dozens of practical, timesaving tips and resources for gamification-based lessons. Tara is the author of, Using GAMIFICATION to Strengthen Student Learning and Engagement in the Content Areas (Grades 3-12), the extensive resource handbook and e-handbook she developed specifically for this seminar.

Join Tara for a lively, dynamic day that will be highly worthwhile. You will leave with a wealth of ideas and the confidence to immediately begin implementing gamification-based lessons in your own classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Tara is a great presenter who was extremely flexible and responsive to our needs.”
- Jessica Krueger, Math Teacher

“Tara was very engaging! I can’t wait to implement in my classroom the ideas I have learned today!
- Jennifer Ruan Albicelli, 7th Grade English Teacher

“This seminar was very informative and gave me tons of ideas to use. I can’t wait to start incorporating some of these ideas into my classroom to increase engagement and retention.”
- Leanne Gray, Spanish Teacher

“Tara presented an endless amount of tools and resources to engage students in a gamification classroom. I am looking forward to implementing the gamification concepts with out teachers.”
- Lisa Davis, Coordinator of Imagination, Innovation, Inspiration

“Wow! Great information and delivery - can’t wait to use what I’ve learned.”
- Christina Steurrys, 7/8 Science Teacher

Best seminar I have attended this year! Inspired to implement!”
- Brett Daggs, Librarian

“Great information provided with specific examples, modeling and documented info/details about everything discussed. Incredibly organized and thorough. Great seminar!”
- Stacy Saia, Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction

“Tara was super informative and provided me with an overwhelming abundance of useful apps, websites and lessons to enhance my content in the classroom.”
- Sara Sheridan, Spanish Teacher

“This was a wonderful seminar and I left with so many great ideas. I cannot wait to try some of these new strategies tomorrow. Tara did a wonderful job of presenting the material and adapted her presentation to make sure everyone’s questions were answered.”
- Brittany Pawelek, Middle School Science Teacher

“Dr. Kingsley was extremely knowledgeable on this topic. There was no question that she was unable to answer! She explained each concept thoroughly and she also gave us adequate break time. I would definitely come to one of Dr. Kingsley’s seminars in the future! Thank you!”
- Darcy Kerr, 6th-8th Grade Language Arts Teacher