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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Christina Bradburn is a full-time practicing speech-language pathologist and outstanding national seminar leader. She has served students of all ability levels and is passionate about working collaboratively and maximizing time through creative scheduling without sacrificing high quality and effective services to students.

Christina is the author of Timesaving Strategies to Integrate Your SLP Interventions into Classrooms: Moving from a Caseload to a Workload Approach, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Christina is known for her highly practical approach and for sharing a wealth of proven teaching strategies and resources that are easy to use on a daily basis.

You will find her seminar fast-paced, enjoyable and full of useful ideas you can immediately implement to guide your school’s speech-language program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I really enjoyed this seminar! I gained so many great strategies and ideas for speech-language therapy I can start using right away!”
- Annette Griffin, SLP

“Finally, a seminar filled with practical strategies for the classroom! I feel inspired and excited about my job again. Thank you!”
- Natalie Christensen, SLP

Christina is easy to relate to and down to earth! I love all the ideas and how to implement them into my therapy sessions. She reminded me of the importance of being an SLP!”
- Mackenzie Davis, SLP

Christina is engaging, informative and helpful! The materials are useful and applicable. The apps, visual examples and resource handbook are terrific!”
- Sue Thomas, SLP

“This seminar provided many ideas and strategies. After working in the field for 16 years, I have often heard the same ideas over and over. This, however, was fresh, new information.”
- Mary Vandiver, SLP and Pre-K Teacher

“Excellent! Thank you for all of the practical strategies and apps! I’m excited to implement them in my practice!”
- Kathy Meyer, SLP

“Christina gave tons of resources and ideas that are immediately applicable!”
- Amy Crabtree, SLP

Great, useful information! I will start using the ideas when I return to work tomorrow. Thank you!”
- Kathy Meyer, SLP

“Excellent! Thank you for all of the practical strategies and apps! I’m excited to implement them in my practice!”
- Cathy Collins, SLP

Christina really understands what it’s like to be a school-based SLP! I can’t wait to try these strategies - so much information that can be used immediately!”
- Amy Greig, SLP

Great seminar! I can’t wait to start implementing these strategies and change to a workload approach next semester. Thank you!”
- Megan Moran, SLP

Christina is a fantastic presenter! She is hands-on and practicing, not just presenting. She provided ideas that I will use in my own practice right away.”
- Laurel Grogger, SLP