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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Beverly Moskowitz is an outstanding school-based occupational therapist with extensive experience working in diverse school settings. Throughout Bev’s career, she has been driven by a passion to research, discover and create the most highly effective therapy techniques and tools to support the broad range of students on her caseload. A sought after presenter for her highly practical approach and engaging presentation style, Bev is the author of Proven, Practical Strategies for Teaching and Remediating Handwriting: Ideas that Work (Preschool-Grade 6), the specially designed occupational therapy resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Participants leave Beverly’s dynamic presentations energized, inspired and equipped with a wealth of practical, timesaving ideas and tools they will be able to use immediately to enhance their therapy practice in schools.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Bev is very engaging and knowledgeable on the subject of handwriting. It is apparent that she has spent a great deal of time and research on the subject to create user-friendly materials and a user-friendly program.”
- Emily Dunn, Occupational Therapist

“Beverly Moskowitz is a professional and dynamic speaker! I learned so much that I will be able to implement immediately, and I look forward to attending more seminars by Ms. Moskowitz!”
- Casey Gibson, MA, OTR/L

“Wonderful, informative and entertaining! I loved Bev. The best handwriting seminar I have attended. This is my second time attending her Size Matters seminar. She keeps adding and updating material. I will be able to use this program immediately.”
- Deborah Barnett, OT

A great presenter! Bev brings great information and strategies that are implementable instantly. I would highly recommend other occupational therapists to attend her presentations.”
- Hope Healey, OT

“This seminar was one of the most immediately practical courses I have taken. I feel like Beverly put what I do in pieces into an organized curriculum. I am so excited to take this back to my school district and try it!”
- Jo Horne, OT

I love Bev’s Size Matters Program. I am excited to take it back to my schools!”
- Kelli Clark, OTR/L

“Bev is very upbeat and enthusiastic about material and implementation within school-based settings. Lots of material with good content.
- Lana Downey, OT

“Bev shares a lot of great information for teaching handwriting - a skill I have been needing to improve on.”
- Shannon Abercrombie, COTA/L

Bev is fabulous! I will be able to take information back to my students and know I will see greater success in printing skills.”
- Courtney Mikesell, OT, COTA/L

Bev made the entire seminar fun and informative. She is very approachable and was interested in learning and sharing new ideas.”
- Cara Tyrrell, COTA

“Beverly is engaging, informative, organized, and entertaining. I left with strategies and materials that can be used immediately!”
- Michelle Woolwine, OT

“I love having the statistics to back up what we do as a professional. Bev’s handwriting program is easy to understand and practical as I can use materials I already own.”
- Kelly Jocoy, OTR/L

Bev is a great presenter! Besides her enthusiasm, she provides practical, useful and functional ideas that can be used right away.”
- Rebekah Cole, OT