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MARIBETH PLANKERS is an outstanding national presenter and highly experienced SpeechLanguage Pathologist and Assistive Technology Professional. She brings years of experience and ideas for improving outcomes for students who have language, reading and written language disorders. She has extensive experience providing communication services ranging from in-person services in a speech therapy room to the general education classroom and within a teletherapy models. In addition, she has experience working as a clinical service provider, diagnostician, and clinical supervisor within the university setting. MariBeth reflects a broad experience working with students of all ages, from early education through college level. MariBeth is the author of School-Based SLPs: A Language Processing Disorder – What It Is and How to Treat It, the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive. Join MariBeth for this idea-packed seminar, filled with numerous, practical strategies and interventions for students with a Language Processing Disorder.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Terrific seminar! It was so well organized, informative, thorough, and MariBeth provided great resources to bring to my therapy."
Sarah Scholten, Speech-Language Pathologist

"I love all the examples. Many times I go to seminars but rarely come back with things I can ACTUALLY use!"
Molly Johnson, Speech-Language Pathologist

"The information shared was PRICELESS, especially the resources for assessment and intervention. I feel so much more knowledgeable about how to identify and treat LPD, differentiating it from other disorders and providing individualized care."
Maren Carter, Speech-Langauge Pathologist

"MariBeth was super engaging and provided a wealth of information and resources. Her energy is contagious."
Jodi Frigo, Speech-Language Pathologist

"MariBeth kept me engaged and I am ready to use what she presented as a school-based SLP. She gave us an incredible amount of usable information and resources. WOW! Thank you so much! This is the best presentation I’ve attended in a long time!"
Hillary Bishop, Speech-Language Pathologist