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Kathy Morris has been a special education teacher for over thirty years and a consultant for behavior disorders, autism, assistive technology, and LIFE Skills, providing technical assistance and workshops to educators throughout the United States. She was named “Outstanding Educator of the Year” in her state and has served as Advisor to the President’s Commission on Special Education. She’s also been featured in a national training video to help teachers be more effective in working with students with Asperger’s Syndrome and high‑functioning autism.

Kathy not only shares her years of special education experience, but also brings the personal experience of having twin sons diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy. Kathy knows firsthand what works with students with Asperger’s Syndrome and autism, and uses the strategies daily in her professional and personal life.

You will leave her seminar with renewed energy and a toolkit of strategies to help you be more successful with the students you work with daily.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“This seminar gives you strategies to implement immediately, with little cost and proven positive results. Kathy Morris is very inspiring!”
– Marcy Checkofsky, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Kathy Morris gave a truly heartfelt seminar that was AWESOME! Her strategies can be used the next day with very little prep. I enjoyed the video segments that gave examples. This seminar was real.”
– Jackie Marquette, Third Grade Teacher

Excellent, practical strategies that can be easily implemented. I have been to many seminars and this was one of the best!”
– Lori Reichel, Occupational Therapist

Great, practical strategies integrated with personal stories and real-life examples. Kept me engaged the whole time! I have a new, improved perspective of autism!”
– Carrie Scoggins, Teacher

This workshop was awesome! There are so many things that I can go back and implement right away! I also have a clearer understanding of Asperger’s versus high‑functioning autism. Thank you!”
– Jodi Frailing, Speech-Language Pathologist

Awesome and extremely applicable! Love your personable approach. I only wish my entire team could have shared in today’s experience.”
– Terry Meyer, Seventh Grade Intervention Specialist

“One of the best seminars I’ve ever attended! Kathy really knows firsthand information when it comes to Asperger’s and autism. I can’t wait to take all of the ideas back and share them with colleagues.
– Becky Tharp, Elementary Counselor

“I’ve been to many seminars on this topic, and this was by far the most entertaining, informative and beneficial. Kathy did a wonderful job communicating practical steps we can take to teach successfully.
– Darla Peters, Paraprofessional

This was excellent! Thank you for all of the video clips and personal stories.”
– Elsa Eckart, Special Education Teacher

Excellent seminar all around! I have learned not only the literal content, but how to apply and process it for effectiveness with awareness and compassion.”
– Lisa Walpalo, High School Teacher

“After many seminars I finally understand autism and students on the spectrum. Thank you, this seminar was fantastic. It gave me great information to take back to the classroom and to give to parents.”
– Joanie Branigan, Elementary Teacher