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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kathy Morris has been a special education teacher for over thirty years and a consultant for Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavior disorders, assistive technology, and LIFE Skills, providing technical assistance and workshops to educators throughout the United States. She was named “Outstanding Educator of the Year” in her state and has served as Advisor to the President’s Commission on Special Education.

Kathy not only shares her years of special education experience but also brings the personal experience of having twin sons diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy. Kathy knows what works with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and uses the strategies daily in her professional and personal life.

You’ll leave this seminar with many new and exciting strategies to make you more successful in your classroom immediately.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Wow! What an outstanding presentation, done with such an excellent, hands-on knowledge base. Can’t wait to take it back to school tomorrow.”
- Heather Duran, Speech Language Pathologist

“Kathy is an amazing presenter. She is knowledgeable, informative and brings a passion to the content that is infectious. I have several strategies that I can employ immediately.”
- Val Montgomery, Special Education Teacher

“Great seminar! I truly enjoyed the content and the way in which it was presented. So much knowledge shared and I can’t wait to implement!”
- Jennifer Jedrich, HS Resource Teacher

“This seminar provided me with practical strategies that I can apply in my classroom tomorrow. I enjoyed the videos and visuals to help teachers to better understand how to utilize the strategies.”
- Rebecca Oaks, Special Educator

“Kathy did an outstanding job eliminating the myths that encourage the judgements people have on the topic of Autism. She made the seminar feel like a one-on-one experience with an expert on Autism.”
- Shaneetha Ingram, Diverse Learner Specialist

“Wow! Actual strategies to use in my classroom tomorrow morning. Excellent mixture of information and exercises throughout the day.”
- Cheryl Clark, Teacher

AMAZING! Kathy provided real strategies that I can implement tomorrow. She is one of the best presenters I have ever had the joy of listening to. Her passion was evident in everything she shared with us. Examples, videos, templates - so useful!
- Ally Miller, Special Education Teacher

This seminar was absolutely FABULOUS. Kathy had lots of energy, answered all of our questions, gave many examples, and made me want more!”
- Becky Parker, Speech Language Pathologist

Kathy was very knowledgeable and made the seminar interesting. I enjoyed her videos and ideas. This was a great experience.”
- Beth Snedden, Special Education Teacher