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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Amy Zatlin is an experienced primary classroom teacher, author and national seminar leader. She has designed this seminar specifically for kindergarten, first and second grade teachers who want to learn classroom-tested techniques to accelerate the writing success of ALL their students.

Amy is the author of SCAFFOLDING WRITING INSTRUCTION: Practical Strategies to Develop and Support the Writing Skills of Your Grades K-2 Students, the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

You’ll return to your classroom with valuable resources and many practical ideas and teaching strategies for making writing fun, engaging and enriching for ALL students.

Her seminars are fast-paced and full of practical, classroom-proven strategies that are easy to implement in any grades K-2 classroom. Join Amy for a day filled with innovative and practical strategies and techniques to motivate and improve the writing achievement of ALL your young writers.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

I learned SO much from Amy’s seminar and I’m a veteran teacher! I appreciate Amy’s time and efforts to help make me a better teacher!”
– Joni Robinson, First Grade Teacher

“I’m feeling energized after today’s seminar!
– Luanne Snow, Teacher

“Superb seminar! One of the best presentations I have attended.”
– Ellen Umberger, Teacher

“Great information! Amy stirred a passion for words and ideas.”
– Jane Skna, First Grade Teacher

“Amy shared amazing writing ideas that are ready to use the day after the seminar!”
– Kari LaPoint, First Grade Teacher

“Excellent applicable content! Excellent presenter! I will definitely use Amy’s wonderful writing ideas.”
– Carole Collier, First Grade Teacher

“Fantastic writing seminar! I left with many, useful ideas to use the very next day!”
– Kristin Drueger, Second Grade Teacher

“This is a great seminar! I’m so excited to implement what I learned today!”
– Kathy Ruhde, First Grade Teacher

“Amy proved you can teach an old dog new tricks! She presented a well organized and very informational seminar.”
– Carol MacNaught, Grade 1/2 Loop

“I can’t wait to go back to my school district to share Amy’s wonderful writing ideas!”
– Joanne Gabrielson, First Grade Teacher

“Amy shared great ideas that I can really use! I loved her suggestions to help the ‘too little time for writing’ problem.”
– Carolyn Ayer, Teacher

Excellent handbook. Lots of great ideas I can use right away!”
– Nicole Bedard, First Grade Teacher