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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Amie Trahan is an outstanding English/language arts teacher and highly sought national presenter. She is well known for her fast-paced and strategy-packed seminars focused on helping students significantly improve their writing skills. Given Amie’s wealth of experience as a secondary English teacher, she offers numerous strategies and shares her classroom-tested techniques that are designed to greatly improve the quality of your students’ writing.

Amie is also the author of 101 Best Strategies for Teaching Writing (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbookyou will receive at the seminar. You won’t want to missthis outstanding opportunity to receive dozens of ideas andstrategies you can use to help your students improve their writing skills and abilities.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Very informative with tons of resources that can be easily incorporated into my classroom. Thank you!”
- Kimberly Petit, 7th Grade ELA

Amie is a knowledgeable and passionate teacher, and this was evident throughout the day. Thank you for all the resources.”
- Lisa Samko

“I love hearing from actual teachers who have current, real-life experience! The practical, useful materials are wonderful - thank you!”
- Laura Palazzolo, English Teacher

Amie has a wealth of knowledge. She is a genuine, entertaining, intelligent, warm presenter.”
- Tracy Ide, 7th Grade Special Ed ELA teacher

Excellent seminar! I will use many of these writing ideas with my students. ”
- Rick Rumsey, Alternative Education Teacher

A richly rewarding day of content, and excitement about implementing these strategies and writing experiences.”
- Susan Guarino, Grades 6-8 Language Arts Teacher

“This was really enjoyable. Amie is very engaging and gave concrete strategies I could implement in my class. Thanks!”
- Ashley Pine, Reading Teacher

Tons of great ideas that can be implemented in my classroom tomorrow, next week or next trimester. I am walking away with some really great stuff! Thank you!”
- Danielle Haelewyn, 7th Grade Teacher

Engaging seminar that gave relevant and practical writing strategies. Ms. Trahan was both informative and interesting to listen to and ask questions of throughout the seminar.”
- Kristin Bower, 10th Grade ELA Teacher

A valuable way for me to spend the day.
- MaryCarol Doyle, 8th Grade Teacher

“Plenty of ‘take home’ info - I love the handbook. Amie presented the information very well and tied it to the classroom constantly.”
- Debbie Thomas, Middle School Teacher

Very insightful seminar. Amie gave many great ideas and examples that I can’t wait to implement throughout the school year. It was great to hear and see accommodations that can be incorporated for any student, no matter what their level.”
- Katie Cuba, 5th & 6th Grade English/Reading/Math Teacher