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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jill Hauser is known for the highly practical value of her presentations. With extensive experience as a primary teacher, literacy coach and mentor teacher trainer, she knows the reality of life in primary classrooms. Although many of her students are at risk, most consistently meet or exceed their state writing standards.

Passionate about empowering young writers with the gift of written expression, she is the author of 101 Best Strategies for Developing Powerful, Proficient Writers (Grades K-2), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. She is also the award-winning author of ten books, including Growing Up Reading, Kindergarten Success and Wow! I’m Reading! She is the recipient of the American Institute of Physics Children’s Science Writing Award for her primary grade science book, Science Play.

Jill’s programs are fast-moving, enjoyable and full of ideas and resources you can put to work immediately.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Mind blowing is how I describe this writing seminar! Never have I thought about writing instruction the way Jill does. I can’t wait to use all of these strategies!”
- Annie Mascadri, 1st Grade Teacher

“This is a rich seminar filled with many useful examples that can easily be implemented tomorrow in my classroom.”
- Melissa Carley-Stine, 2nd Grade Teacher

“I appreciate Jill Hauser’s passion for teaching and writing. This was informative and realistic for my classroom and teaching!
- Haley Moore, 2nd Grade Teacher

Wonderful presentation! I feel so pumped up and energized about the writing in my own classroom. I am so excited to try as many of these strategies as I possibly can before the end of the school year.”
- Renee Crook, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Jill is a great speaker who offers real ideas and suggestions that I can use tomorrow in my classroom. The fact that she currently teaches helps her understand the stages of development and what children should be expected to do as writers.”
- Susan Landers, Teacher

Jill is extremely knowledgeable! Her experience shines through as she weaves in personal examples from her own students in order to make the content come alive.”
- E. Darensbourg, Staff Developer

“Jill is very passionate about teaching writing. Great job!”
- AnnaMaria Comande, 1st Grade Teacher

Jill’s seminar is real! It touched on situations that we experience in the classroom. Well done! Many topics were revisited that I had put onto the back burner.”
- Anna Figetakis, Kindergarten Teacher

Jill presented a great seminar. Thank you for supporting early childhood educators. Thank you for understanding our struggles and giving supportive, creative ideas.”
- Misty Santo, Kindergarten Grade Leader

I really enjoyed Jill’s enthusiasm. I love how she went from the beginning of writing all the way to upper grades.”
- Tatiana Caceres, 2nd Grade Teacher

“This seminar is insightful and helpful! It gave me many creative yet practical ideas to encourage writing in my classroom. I also love how passionate Jill is about writing.”
- Andrea Simmons, 2nd Grade Teacher

“I love how Jill brings humor to her seminar and is so animated.”
- Desiree Coleman, Kindergarten Teacher

“Jill gave so many strategies that we can take back and use in our classrooms tomorrow!”
- Amy Whitsitt, Kindergarten Teacher