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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

KRISTEN HENRY is a highly experienced and innovative secondary English/Language Arts teacher and trainer. She is passionate about equipping fellow ELA teachers with outstanding strategies for engaging and helping their students be more successful. Kristen has worked extensively to support all grades 6-12 ELA teachers, including those who primarily work with students in special education, Advanced Placement and Dual Credit settings. Kristen is a frequent and highly sought-after consultant and presenter at state, regional and national levels. Participants regularly praise Kristen's highly practical skills and strategies that can easily be implemented the very next day. She is also the author of 50 Best Strategies for Teaching ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS, the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive at the seminar. Join Kristen for a high energy, engaging day full of outstanding strategies and ideas you can use to greatly strengthen your grades 6-12 English/Language Arts program - no matter what classes you teach.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Kristen presented a wonderful seminar. I also enjoyed the chance to collaborate with other ELA teachers."
- Kimberly Pearlman, Teacher

"Kristen did a great job with this seminar and she kept our attention throughout the day. She helped us experience what it is like to be a student, which is so important."
- Susan M. Brady, Reading Specialist

"Kristen was a wonderful presenter. Really valuable information! Thank you!"
- Dan Galligan, English Teacher

"Lots of great, well-explained strategies. Thank you, Kristen!"
- Kathleen Hudson, Teacher

"Terrific day! Kristen Henry is a charming and fantastic presenter."
- Anne Brown, Teacher