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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Diane Murphy is an experienced educator, enthusiastic presenter and a National Board Certified teacher in literacy with extensive experience as an elementary teacher, literacy coach and teacher trainer. She will share dozens of strategies and the latest ideas and techniques to help your students develop their writing skills. She is the author of 101 Writing Mini-Lessons and Strategies to Strengthen Your Students’ Writing (Grades 3-6), the extensive handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

You will leave this seminar with a wealth of practical writing strategies, activities, management and assessment ideas you can easily implement in your own grades 3-6 classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Fabulous! If I lived a lifetime I could not use all of the ideas shared by Diane. Best presenter I’ve ever heard.
– Chris Hebert, Elementary Teacher

“Wow! This seminar was great! I have so many new ideas to use in the classroom. Diane was awesome! Thank you!”
– Tamar Tatoyan, Special Education Teacher

Thank you for sharing wonderful ideas with us. I came knowing almost nothing, and I am leaving with a better understanding of the process. I loved Diane’s energy and attitude.”
– Celia Carcia, 3rd Grade Teacher

Awesome seminar! There were so many great and easy ideas that I can use right away in my classroom. I can’t wait to get started.”
– Amie Abbott, 4th Grade Teacher

Diane had numerous strategies for teaching writing effectively and efficiently. I can definitely go into my classroom tomorrow and use several strategies right away!”
– Erica Aaron, 5th Grade Teacher

Excellent seminar packed with practical and realistic suggestions. I am excited to bring these new ideas back to my students and colleagues.”
– Donna LaFrance, Elementary Teacher

Amazing! Loved Diane! I have already implemented Writer’s Workshop, but this gave me the tools to take it to the next level.”
– Mariel Mandelko, 5th Grade Teacher

“Amazing! I have taken many, many courses over the years and this is one of the best!”
– Lynda Spencer, Classroom Teacher

Fabulous instructor with so much enthusiasm! Loved my time here and felt fully prepared to start my journey with writing in the classroom.”
– Sharon Gretzinger, Teacher

“I loved this seminar! Diane was totally engaging. I have so many fabulous new ideas to try.
– Michelle Phillips, 5th Grade Teacher

“Wow! I am thoroughly impressed with the plethora of easily implemented ideas provided today! I am so excited to share this with my students.”
– Amber Wallace, 3rd Grade Teacher

This seminar is packed with information. I feel totally inspired to incorporate what I’ve learned today into our classrooms. Thank you!”
– Mary Williamson, Administrator