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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Gregory Denman is a nationally known educator, author and seminar leader. His background includes extensive experience as an elementary teacher, literacy coach and a CCSS teacher trainer. His seminars and presentations have been enthusiastically received and are full of sound, research-based material delivered in a capti­vating and entertaining style.

In addition to teaching, Greg is the author of two Heinemann educational books and numerous articles in professional journals. Specializing in writing-across-the curriculum, he has written books on Writing in Math and Writing in Science as part of his Think it; Show it series published by Shell Education.

Most recently, Greg is working with teachers throughout the country to align their writing instruction with the rigorous Common Core State Standards. He will share numerous ideas, methods, techniques and lessons that you can easily implement in your grades 3-5 classrooms to help your students develop writing skills that meet these rigorous new standards.

Greg brings to each of his seminars an astute knowledge of writing instruction, along with a deep understanding and appreciation of the dynamics of today’s students, teachers and classrooms. He is always informative, practical, enthusiastic, and entertaining.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I have so many great tools I can take back to school and use! Thanks for all the practical ideas for the classroom!”
- Heather Bowen, 5th Grade Teacher

“Thank you, Greg! I especially appreciate the many outstanding ideas and resources you shared that I can use with my students!”
- Natalie Kobza, Instructional Coach

“Lots of great ideas and models to use in the classroom!”
- Amelia Burgos, Teacher

“I really enjoyed Greg’s seminar! I’m eager to use these practical strategies to help my students improve their writing!”
- Tammi Paul, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Great pace throughout the day! All of the ready-to-use materials Greg shared will be very useful!”
- Christine O’Keefe, 3rd Grade Teacher

Best seminar I’ve attended in many years! I loved it!”
- Hilary Mark, 5th Grade Teacher

“Very informative! Lots of great ‘take aways!’ I would attend another one of Greg’s seminars in a heartbeat!”
- Candace Droutsas, 4th Grade Teacher

“Excellent things to take back to my classroom! You’ve made it much easier to teach my students about writing!”
- Ashley Shrout, 5th Grade Teacher

“Loved it! I learned so much I am excited to use!
- Darcie Orr, 4th Grade Teacher

“I loved Greg’s style of teaching! The content he shared was easy to understand and can be readily implemented in my classroom. Thank you!”
- Tanja Kubis, 5th Grade Teacher