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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Dr. Barb Bamford is an English/language arts teacher and literacy curriculum specialist who is known for her creativity, enthusiasm and practical ideas for teaching and reaching students at the secondary level. Barb brings 20 years of teaching experience to her presentations, along with a wealth of practical ideas for teaching English/language arts in ways that will help students meet your state standards. She is the author of Help Your Students to Meet or Exceed Your State Standards in English/Language Arts (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

You will leave this fast-paced seminar inspired and excited to implement dozens of practical, innovative teaching strategies and activities in your classroom that will help your students meet your rigorous state standards.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Barb is enthusiastic, well spoken and has a great understanding of the state standards for English/language arts!”
- Daniela Ramirez, English Teacher

“Useful, practical applications, good resources I can use and well-organized materials! Thank you!”
- Kathleen Bergen, English Teacher

“This is a terrific seminar! I learned many valuable strategies for use as a language arts teacher!”
- Michael Leahey, 7th/8th Grade Writing Teacher

“An amazing seminar! I feel I’ve learned so much and I’m more confident going into next school year with our state standards!”
- Alexis Rodriguez, English Teacher

“I appreciate the ‘realness’ of the content and presenter. It is obvious that Barb is a teacher and understands the challenges we face!”
- Kelsey Scism, High School English Teacher

“Thank you for all the resources! The links and websites are going to be so helpful!”
- Sara Crezzo, 6th Grade ELA Teacher

“Barb does a great job of giving us ready-to-use strategies that can be implemented immediately. She is a great presenter!”
- Casey Kauffman, English Teacher

“100% worth my time! Thanks!”
- Jessica Schoales, High School English Teacher

“The handbook has a wealth of resources I can use with my students! Thank you, Barb!”
- Kristin van Brunt, Teacher/Department Chair

“An amazing day! I’m excited to use the dialectical journals, Socratic circles, color coded meanings, and so much more!”
- Lise Duraes, 6th Grade English Teacher

“Excellent, well-informed instructor! The concepts Barb shared are all applicable to my classroom!”
- Michael Olds, High School English Teacher

“Barb kept the seminar upbeat and positive and she provided some great information and practical ideas for teaching our state standards!”
- Amy Mefford, Grades 7-12 English Teacher

“Very engaging! Lots of useful information!”
- Angie Byrd, 6th Grade Teacher