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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Joel Clements is currently a full-time English/language arts teacher specializing in writing-intensive courses. He has worked with many departments and committees across the country from the middle school to the college level on new strategies for teaching writing and incorporating digital assessments.

Joel has a wealth of experience using digital tools for writing and has seen the incredible impact they can have at all levels of writing. He is the author of Strengthen Your Students’ Writing Skills and Significantly Reduce Your Assessment Time by Using POWERFUL DIGITAL WRITING STRATEGIES (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Additional authorship credits include several published short stories and essays, as well as two plays.

At the conclusion of this fast-paced day, you will leave inspired and excited about the dozens of practical, innovative ideas for using digital writing assessments to make your life easier and to significantly boost your students’ writing skills.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I loved this seminar! I am walking away with concrete tools that I can implement immediately, including many ideas for long-term planning and goals. Joel is an engaging, knowledgeable and confident presenter.”
– Lori Caldeira, 7th Grade ELA

I appreciate all the new information! I am a novice at using technology and today’s seminar has given me a great starting point (and beyond).”
– Christina Taylor, Teacher

“Wonderful seminar! Many useful, practical, inspiring tools and approaches are presented in a clear and personable way. I appreciate Joel’s presentation style.”
– Yosha Bourgea, Middle School Language Arts/Drama Teacher

Excellent seminar! Knowledgeable presenter! Meaningful resources!”
– Annie Matthews, English Teacher/Technology Integration Specialist

Excellent presentation at all levels! It is refreshing to attend a technology seminar that does not assume that all attending are technology gurus. I love the practical applications and pacing of the presentation. Joel has a grounded approach, awesome sense of humor and is very much in-tune with his audience. This is the best seminar I have attended in years!”
– Vicki Coble, High School English Teacher

Joel is extremely helpful! He moves at a pace that everyone can follow, addresses all questions and concerns and provides a range of invaluable tools to meet teacher and student needs.”
– Heather Lora, High School English Teacher

“I really enjoyed how realistic Joel is about the everyday situations teachers run into in the area of writing. The content is informative and engaging and I learned new ideas that I can implement into my everyday grading routines. This seminar was well worth my time!
– Michelle Dane, High School English Teacher

“Joel is very informative and very engaging!”
– Daniel Roubian, High School English Teacher

I especially appreciate Joel’s straightforward, low-key, practical approach. He encouraged us to completely reinvent our teaching. The information he shared will be immediately useful for the way I’m currently teaching.”
– Jeff Vanderwilt, High School Religion Teacher

“I am already a technology user and am familiar with many of the sites and apps discussed, yet I found great value in re-examining them and being exposed to new ones. The format of the presentation is great! It is perfectly paced for those who are new to technology, and engaging for those who are already experienced using technology.”
– Rachel Thomas, Middle School Teacher

I appreciate how realistic and doable this all seems! I am new to teaching and technology can sometimes overwhelm me. I like how the apps and resources are broken into categories. I now feel that I know what to look for.”
– Taylor DiBernardo, Middle School English Teacher