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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jaime Bailey is an outstanding presenter and a superb teacher. Her background includes extensive teaching experience in the elementary grades and special education. She has been a technology specialist, a curriculum coordinator, a staff developer, and university teacher. Recently Jaime has been working directly with teachers in their classrooms, assisting them as they strengthen their writing instruction.

Jaime is noted for the practicality of her presentations. Her objective is to provide hands‑on, classroom‑tested strategies that can be used immediately in the classroom. She is an expert in translating the best, current research on writing into specific, realistic ideas that can easily be used with grades 3‑6 students. She is the author of Practical Strategies for Using SIX TRAITS in Your Writing Instruction (Grades 3‑6), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

You’ll find Jaime’s seminar to be full of practical ideas you can use immediately to help your students become more successful writers.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Thank you, Jaime, for the multitude of valuable ideas and strategies that will enrich and strengthen my teaching of writing. I’m excited about implementing these new strategies.”
– Janet Williammee, 4th Grade Teacher

“Excellent! This seminar provided lots of new ideas for implementing the traits in our curriculum!”
– Lauren Crisman, Reading Coach

“Outstanding! I’m leaving with a bag of writing tools to use with my students. Thank you, Jaime, for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!”
– Linda Meany, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Stimulating presentation! Fantastic elaboration and reinforcement of 6 traits!
– Noelle Waite, Reading Teacher

Great ideas to use and share! The resource handbook will be immediately useful in helping to make my own teaching of writing more successful.”
– Diane Brundage, 5th Grade Teacher

“This seminar makes sense of writing instruction!”
– Jen Flower, 4th Grade Teacher

“Great job, Jaime! I’m so happy to have new writing strategies to try!”
– Kathy Zanoni, 6th Grade Teacher

“Awesome! It is so nice to attend a seminar and be able to take back practical ideas to use immediately!”
– Timothy Balcon, 5th Grade Teacher

“I can’t wait to go back to school and start using these wonderful ideas! Jaime has made writing instruction fun again.”
– Tiffany Heroth, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Jaime offered great, usable strategies that I can’t wait to try. She is so personable and made the day very enjoyable!”
– Karen O’Neill, 4th Grade Teacher

“Excellent presentation! The ideas and materials are useful, hands‑on and student‑friendly. I’m leaving with a ton of great ideas that I will start using tomorrow!”
– Tonya Law, Special Education Teacher

“Wow! What a great, practical seminar! I can take every idea and use it – everything is totally applicable for teaching the 6 traits!”
– Grace Coddington, 5th Grade Teacher

“Absolutely one of the best seminars I have ever attended! Very helpful and easy‑to‑apply techniques. Jaime is a motivating and lively presenter.”
– Carla Dworetsky, 3rd/4th Grade Teacher