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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

JULIE COMPTON is a highly experienced educator and practitioner with proven expertise working directly and compassionately with challenging students and in high stress and emotionally charged environments. Her extensive experience across time and grade levels gives her a unique perspective on educator wellness. The transparency with which she approaches teachers makes her very relatable and trustworthy. She understands the needs of dedicated educators who repeatedly give their all to meet the needs of others. Julie presents in a way that gets to the heart of the matter for improved educator well-being thereby creating a positive impact on the well-being and success of the students in their care.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Thank you for everything Julie. I cannot wait to go back to my building and start implementing what I learned today.

Julie is a delight to listen to. She was down to earth and shared her own imperfections. I am glad the handbook was provided because there was a ton of information. This was a worthwhile seminar.”

“Julie is awesome - I want to be her friend.

“Julie is a great presenter! I learned so much from the seminar today. She has a way of sharing useful strategies in a relatable and optimistic way. I feel empowered with new skills and I am looking forward to using them.”

“Julie is delightful and a fun presenter. She really knows how to engage and connect with educators.”

I have learned many new ideas and ways of thinking today. As I reflect, I realize that a lot of my reaction when working with students are impacted by my own well-being. Thank you for sharing your ideas and time with us.”

Julie is very insightful and helpful. She has a passion for educators that is easily seen.”