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One of the Nations’ Foremost Experts in the Field

Jaime Bailey is an outstanding national trainer and a superb teacher. Her background includes extensive teaching experience in grades K‑12 and special education. She has been a technology specialist, a curriculum coordinator, a staff development specialist, and a university teacher. But her heart – as well as her expertise – lies in working with teachers who are learning to work together. Jaime is now working directly in schools to help teachers and principals develop and strengthen Professional Learning Communities.

Jaime is noted for the practicality of her presentations and her focus on what works best for teachers. Her objective in every seminar is to provide hands‑on, ready‑to‑use strategies and tools that can be used immediately in all school settings to implement and nurture Professional Learning Communities. She is an expert in translating the best, current research on professional learning into specific ideas that can be used in elementary, middle and high schools. She is the author of Practical Strategies for Developing and Strengthening Highly Effective Professional Learning Communities (Grades K‑12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

You’ll find Jaime’s seminar to be full of practical ideas that you can use immediately to develop and strengthen your Professional Learning Community.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I love the fact that Jaime is a teacher with experience and expertise in working with PLCs! This was a rare seminar that was well worth my time. Thank you, Jaime!”
− Pamela Ronson, ELA/Reading Teacher

“This is an outstanding seminar! Thank you, Jaime!”
– Victoria Blackmore, English Teacher

“Excellent! Exactly what I was hoping for!
− Brian Davis, Superintendent/Principal

“Jaime is an energetic presenter who kept our attention throughout the seminar. The content she shared will certainly move our current PLCs forward!”
− Meg Colella, Assistant Principal

Very valuable information! The seminar was well‑organized, logical and sequential.”
− Varla Smith, Elementary Science/Social Studies Coordinator

“I love Jaime’s repertoire of ideas! She offered us many strategies we can use at our school. Jaime made this a valuable, fun day!”
− David Lambert, 4th Grade Teacher

“Jaime is very enthusiastic! The seminar flowed smoothly and I was actively engaged during the entire time. Thanks!”
− Heather LaBranche, Kindergarten Teacher

“We have done so much work on PLCs and this is the first time I feel excited about what we are doing. Jaime helped me see the ‘why’ behind everything we’re doing!”
− Elizabeth McAlduff, 3rd Grade Teacher

“This was one of the best seminars I’ve attended! I appreciated the practical, concrete examples I can share with others at my school.”
− Fatima Cooke, Primary Team Leader

“A great seminar that added more clarity and depth to what we are doing with Professional Learning Communities!”
− Aisha Strong, Director

“Jaime is thorough, yet concise; friendly and well prepared. She kept things moving throughout the day and took time to answer our questions. Thanks for all the useful resources in the handbook!”
– Mark Safranski, Junior High School Teacher

“Jaime was enthusiastic and REAL! She gave us so many authentic examples and lots of new ‘tools’ I can use!”
− Susan Arena, 5th Grade Teacher

“Thanks for the clear, thoughtful presentation with very well-organized content!”
− Kevin Mahoney, K‑6 Math Coordinator