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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Tracy Arner is an experienced educator who primarily considers herself a teacher and a guide. A dynamic presenter, she works with teachers and administrators across the country to share the latest ideas and technology tools to successfully implement and refine project based learning. She is passionate about equipping educators with the best, most effective strategies for designing projects and the keys to making project based learning successful in secondary classrooms.

Tracy’s enthusiasm, sound advice and ability to introduce new ideas in ways that work for secondary teachers will motivate and entertain you as she shares dozens of practical, timesaving tips and resources for project based learning. Tracy is also the author of Using Project based Learning to Strengthen Student Learning in Content Areas (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook and e-handbook she developed specifically for this seminar.

Join Tracy for a lively, dynamic day that will be highly worthwhile. You will leave with many outstanding ideas and the confidence to immediately begin implementing project based learning in your own secondary classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I’m walking away with so many new ideas and resources to help me use project based learning with my students!”
- Brenda Calano, Teacher

Thanks for all the new tools to help my students get the most out of using technology to do project based learning!”
- Nikki Hall, Paraprofessional

“This is exciting. I feel like I can move forward more efficiently and successfully with project based learning. Thank you!”
- Michelle Carlson, 7th-8th Grade Teacher

“I really enjoyed this seminar and found it very, very useful!”
- Aaron Carr, Special Education Teacher

“This seminar was very informative. Project based learning is the future of our schools, especially with competency-based assessment. Thank you!”
- Suzanne Rey, French/Spanish Teacher

“Tracy provided awesome resources for us to use as we implement PBL!”
- Tim Hamilton, Teacher

“As a first-time PBL user, this seminar has given me the resources and tools I need to begin offering meaningful, relevant and engaging projects!”
- Kelyn Carlson, Science Teacher

“Tracy was well-organized, knowledgeable and kept us involved and interested in every aspect of creating project based learning!”
- Kerry Hazard, 7th Grade Science Teacher

“I can’t wait to take this information back to my school. PBL is the doorway to reaching ALL students and we need to walk right through it!”
- Jessica Flaherty, Special Educator

“Thanks to Tracy, I cannot wait to get started on project based learning! I’ll be starting small but dreaming big!”
- Christa Luu, Math and Social Studies Teacher

Fantastic resources! I’m really looking forward to using these ideas!”
- Debbi Carson, High School Teacher

“I gained a wealth of knowledge and ideas to use in my classroom!”
- Laura Wodicker, Special Education Language Arts Teacher

“Love the handbook! Tons of valuable resources! Hands-on practice was great. Well worth the long drive to attend!”
- Erin Kinworthy, High School Science Teacher