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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Louis Mangione is one of the most dynamic presenters in education today. He is also an outstanding secondary teacher who has developed a hands-on approach for teaching students in grades 6-12, regardless of learning style, cultural background or special need.

Known for involving his participants in the learning process, he has presented his innovative teaching strategies to educators at district, state and national conferences. Louis also visits many secondary schools across North America and leaves entire faculties inspired by validating what they do well and engaging them in practical and innovative strategies for creating opportunities for all students to succeed.

Louis is the author of Using DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION in the Secondary Classroom: Practical and Realistic Strategies to use With the Whole Class (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the beginning of the seminar.

You will leave this exceptional seminar with an expanded repertoire of highly effective and easy-to-use differentiation strategies to use in whole group settings and extended class periods.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“A valuable and meaningful experience that will certainly enhance what I am already doing in my classroom. Louis has inspired me to create a more passionate and innovative learning environment for my students.”
– Janice Bautista, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

“Louis is very enthusiastic and presented practical material that kept us involved in groups. He is funny and energetic – never a dull moment!”
– Patrick Keeley, Special Education Teacher

“A great seminar with excellent, real-life applications! Not only did Louis provide practical information on differentiated instruction, but I also learned general classroom tips that will help my instruction.”
– Teresa Chun, High School Teacher

“Louis is engaging and energetic. I’m leaving with new ideas to try tomorrow and validation of strategies that I have used in the past.”
– Ellen Fiero, Science Teacher

Powerful, practical strategies!”
– Sherry Bates, English Teacher

“I love the interaction and energy of the presenter. His valuable activities are very applicable to my teaching goals and I plan to start using them immediately.”
– Maureen Mohan, English Teacher

“Awesome presenter with outstanding strategies! Louis is the kind of teacher my students would love to have – he needs to be multiplied 1000-fold!”
– Anne August, 9th Grade Special Education Teacher

“I love this seminar! Fun, practical and easy-to-use ideas!
– Tai Williford, 7th Grade Math Teacher

Very applicable and interesting ideas that I can use immediately in my classroom!
– Andrew Neu, High School Department Chair/Instructor

“Louis presents activities that are fun and exciting for both teachers and students. His ideas are practical and will help my students perform at a higher level.”
– Jenny Pitton, 8th Grade Spanish Teacher

“Fantastic! I learned so many new strategies that I can use immediately in my classroom! Louis has phenomenal energy and he answers questions so well!”
– Megan Brewczynski, High School Teacher

“Outstanding seminar with a wealth of short and long-term ideas for implementation in the classroom.”
– Ray Stadt, Science Teacher