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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

RHETT OLDHAM is a highly experienced and current secondary Social Studies teacher. Rhett is a Gilder Lehrman Teacher of the Year in his state, and a National Finalist. He is a Fulbright Fellow who is passionate about making the Social Studies classroom a fun and dynamic place for middle and high school students to learn. Rhett has presented to educators in the UK, Ukraine, Morocco, Jordan, and throughout the United States, and is known for sharing innovative teaching ideas that can translate to any classroom. He is an EdPuzzle Certified Coach, Flipgrid Ambassador, eMints Certified Educator, GoSynth Ambassador, and a current member of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis Educator Advisory Board.

Rhett is also the author of Outstanding, Innovative Strategies to Maximize SOCIAL STUDIES Instruction, the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive at the seminar. Join Rhett for an exciting day of learning and exploration, filled with a wealth of practical ideas that you will want to use tomorrow and for years to come in your Social Studies instruction.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“As a seasoned Social Studies teacher, I really was hoping for one or two new ideas but I left with so much more. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement!”

Rhett takes global collaboration to an entirely different level. His students are talking to kids all over the world and it fits seamlessly into the curriculum. Absolutely inspiring!”

“I don't think my students will be participating in a "Roly-Chair Joust," but I love the idea. They definitely will be podcasting though! So many great ideas to choose from!

“I have always been nervous about trying Socratic Seminars, but the way Rhett explained the implementation, I am ready and excited to try them tomorrow.

I love Rhett's passion! When he says teaching is the greatest profession in the world, there is no doubt in my mind that he believes it. Just the positivity I needed!”

“For the first time in my 18-year teaching career, someone has mentioned differentiated instruction and then actually gave me practical and sensible ideas to implement it in my classroom. Thanks Rhett!”

“Academic tenacity' — my favorite new phrase. Thank you for a great day, Rhett!”

“Seriously, so many amazing ideas that I think I may need more than one year to fit them all in?”