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We recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Lynn Stenroos is an enthusiastic presenter and current classroom teacher. As an experienced elementary teacher, Lynn is passionate about using a variety of tools, techniques and methods for helping all her students find literacy success.

This includes utilizing her research-based, classroom-tested routines in her own classroom language arts program. Lynn is the author of, Strengthening Students’ Reading and Writing with Daily Literacy Routines (Grades 1-3), the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. She is a dynamic presenter who consistently receives outstanding evaluation scores from her audience participants. Lynn is known for presenting seminars that are innovative, practical and teacher‑friendly.

You will leave the seminar not only with valuable information, tools and techniques, but recharged and confident; ready to put Lynn’s unique daily routines to immediate use in your own grades 1-3 classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Wow! Thanks for all the ideas, I can’t wait to get back to try out and share the ideas at my school!”
– Shelley Shinners, Special Education Teacher

“Wonderful seminar! This is the first seminar I’ve been to that has been filled with practical teaching strategies, techniques and ideas.”
– Melanie Schaefer, Teacher

“Practical information I can begin using tomorrow! Listening to Lynn today, rejuvenated my passion for teaching.”
– Veronica Lish, Teacher

“Lynn gave wonderful, creative ideas that are very doable.”
– Jeanie Gui, Teacher

“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Lynn! Her enthusiasm is contagious. I will implement many, if not all, of her suggestions in my classroom.”
– Naomi Searle, Teacher

“Lynn is an excellent teacher! I enjoyed the whole day and learned many new strategies to enhance and enrich my program.”
– Patricia Carelle, Teacher

“Fantastic! Thank you so much for all the practical, useable ideas! I still can’t believe how fun and exciting the ideas are! Can’t wait to make some changes to my classroom!”
– Kelly Sproul, Teacher

“Lynn is a down-to-earth, yet invigorating speaker, who offered tons of practical ideas. She affirmed what I am doing in my classroom, re-awakened ideas that I’ve always wanted to try and confirmed ideas that I can use in my classroom.”
– Anne Twohig, Teacher

“Great seminar! Awesome ideas and enthusiasm. I loved every minute of it, would definitely come again.”
– Meredith Tierney, Assistant Teacher

“Excellent seminar, I enjoyed the ideas and activities. Lynn is a great inspiration for all teachers!”
– Diana Jakubisin, Teacher

“Lynn Stenroos is filled with an abundance of knowledge! Thanks for sharing with us today.”
– N. Valentin, Teacher

“Very interesting, many great ideas. Lynn Wallis’ love of children and her job is very evident!”
– Margaret Fahey, Teacher

“What a terrific day! Practical, easy-to-implement and inexpensive. Lynn was fabulous, energetic, awesome, and inspiring!”
– Sharon Weldon, Teacher

“I really enjoyed this seminar, Lynn was energetic and knowledgeable.”
– Lisa Hansen, Teacher