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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jaime Bailey is an outstanding presenter and a superb teacher. Her background includes extensive teaching experience in grades 3-6 and special education. She has been a technology specialist, a curriculum coordinator, a staff developer, and a university teacher. Recently Jaime has been working directly with teachers in their classrooms, assisting them as they strengthen their literacy instruction.

Jaime is noted for the practicality of her presentations. Her objective is to provide hands-on, classroom-tested strategies that can be used immediately in the classroom. She is an expert in translating the best, current research on reading instruction into specific, realistic ideas that can easily be used with grades 3-6 students. She is the author of Keeping Students Actively Engaged in Reading Activities While You Teach Small Groups (Grades 3-6), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

You’ll find Jaime’s seminar to be full of practical ideas you can use immediately to help your students become more successful readers.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Jaime is so knowledgeable about the approach to small group reading instruction! Her enthusiasm is contagious!”
– Mary Felton, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Jaime has terrific presenting skills and she understands what it is like to be a teacher in the trenches! I’m leaving with very useful ideas and materials.”
– Kerri Moore, 4th Grade Teacher

Jaime is a teacher’s teacher! She is authentic and totally practical! What a useful, enjoyable seminar!”
– Eliza Stevenson, 5th Grade Teacher

Very hands-on with outstanding examples of materials that I can use tomorrow! Excellent seminar!”
– Mary Jo Recora-Runkle, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Jaime is an engaging and motivating presenter! She shared lots of useful strategies and activities to improve comprehension, fluency and writing skills that can be used immediately in the classroom!”
– Julie Weldon, 4th Grade Teacher

“Awesome! Extremely useful content and Jaime kept us interested and motivated the entire day!”
– Kenneth Simone, 4th Grade Teacher

“Jaime is down-to-earth and honest about teaching and being effective. Her personal experience allows for a deep understanding of what is best for both students and educators. Her valuable strategies will make any classroom a better learning environment.”
– Kelly Tranter, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Wonderful presenter! I learned tons of practical activities to use in my classroom!”
– L. Curelop, 6th Grade Teacher

So very useful and practical! I was actively engaged the entire time!”
– Alison Santerre, 5th Grade Teacher

“Jaime loves what she teaches! In 25 years of teaching experience, this is by far the best seminar I’ve ever attended! Wonderful ideas!
– Meg Valliere, 5th Grade Teacher

“Terrific! So many straightforward ideas to get readers actively involved!”
– Joele Losier, 6th Grade Teacher

“Excellent! Great hands-on activities that can be used immediately!”
– Grace Scola, 5th Grade Teacher

“Jaime is an incredible instructor! She kept us actively engaged and provided us with practical ideas and projects!
– Amy Perry, 3rd Grade Teacher