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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Lynn Stenroos is an enthusiastic presenter, but most importantly, she is an outstanding teacher. Lynn is passionate about using the latest instructional tools and techniques to help all her students find academic success, especially in reading. She brings a variety of the latest, cutting-edge ideas to her audiences, with the goal of enhancing the learning environment and experience of students while at the same time helping teachers work smarter not harder.

Lynn is the author of, ADVANCED CLOSE READING STRATEGIES: The Next Steps to Help Your Students Increase Their Comprehension and Understanding of Complex Text (Grades 2-6), the resource handbook each participant will receive at theseminar. She is a dynamic presenter who consistently receives outstanding evaluation scores fromher seminar participants. Lynn is known for presenting seminars that are motivating, innovative,practical and teacher-friendly.

You will leave this seminar not only with valuable information, tools,resources and techniques to take your close reading instruction to more advanced levels, but recharged and confident; ready to put Lynn’s outstanding ideas toimmediate use in your own classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“So many great ideas. I can’t wait to get back to my class and get started.”
- Anne Bowling, 5th Grade Teacher

“Lynn shared some really great strategies about reading. You can tell she really loves what she does. Great seminar!
- Jenny Rivera, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Great information. All of the information is useful and was presented in a way that will be easy to adjust to any classroom.”
- Desiree Solso, 5th Grade Teacher

“This was an incredibly helpful seminar and gave our team a place to start helping our students greatly improve their reading skills. Another bonus is that it’s practical and Lynn totally gets what our classrooms are like because she’s actually ‘in it’ with us.”
- Many Prows, 2nd Grade Teacher

“There are so many practical ideas that I will use in my class. Very inspiring seminar!
- Cynthia Mahoney, 5th Grade G/T Teacher

So many great ideas to help kids make that reading to writing connection! Thanks!”
- Charity Horne, 2nd Grade Teacher

“This was very helpful and I’m excited to use in my classroom what was taught today.”
- Karen Masina, 5th Grade Teacher

Excellent tools I can implement in next week’s lesson plans!”
- Laura LaVoie, 5th Grade Teacher

This seminar gave me many wonderful ideas that I can take to my class tomorrow and start working with. Thanks for the jumpstart for reading excitement.”
- Donna Thacker, 3rd Grade Teacher

Great takeaways - ideas that I can apply tomorrow!”
- Cheryl Archibald, 3rd Grade ELA Teacher

“All of the material was applicable!”
- Milyssa Albin, ELA/SS Teacher