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Award-winning educator PEGGY CAMPBELL-RUSH is proud to share her passion and expertise on the development and strengthening of executive function skills in Pre-K - 2nd grade students. As an international presenter and author of multiple professional books, Peggy synthesizes her decades of experience to bring to her audience the most authentic, practical, classroomtested strategies. Peggy's extensive experience provides a practical perspective for working successfully with students who have executive function deficits. You will leave this seminar reenergized and better equipped to deal with students who exhibit behavioral problems, inattentiveness and learning difficulties due to the lack of executive function skills. As an added bonus you will receive an extensive digital resource handbook packed with ideas and resources you can use and share with your colleagues the very next day.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"I don't know if Peggy can fly faster than a speeding bullet or leap tall buildings, but she is one of the BEST teachers in the country!"

"Peggy speaks as a loving, caring teacher who believes in her students as learners and as human beings. Peggy gives a myriad of great ideas to help all children."

"Forty years teaching and FINALLY the BEST professional development I have ever experienced. I absorbed so much and am so energized to go into my classroom tomorrow ready to make to help all my students."

"I have seen Peggy at work, and I am aware of the impact she has on her young students and on her fellow teachers. I have always been impressed by her perception, practical classroom ideas and wisdom."