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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Patrick Sullivan is an experienced secondary level math educator who trains math teachers on the most effective instructional practices for teaching and learning mathematics. His presentations are full of energy that leave you re-imagining what math teaching and learning can look like in your own classroom.

Patrick has successfully implemented these strategies and ideas in his own classroom and has provided professional development opportunities over a range of math topics that have included accelerating the learning process in mathematics instruction. He is the author of Best, Powerful Strategies for Teaching MATH (Grades 6-12), the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Spending the day with Patrick is a unique opportunity filled with easy-to-implement, research-based, and innovative strategies; all focused toward accelerating student achievement in your math classroom. You will leave this engaging and powerful seminar with an understanding of how to accelerate student learning in mathematics and the tools to make it happen!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Patrick shares lots of great resources! He is a funny presenter who kept us engaged and got us out of our seats.”
Lacie Lucca, 8th Grade Math Teacher

“Patrick has great enthusiasm and passion for what we are doing!”
Diane Sabbia, High School Math Teacher

“Dr. Patrick Sullivan was very personable and made the information easy to understand.”
Terri Guymon, Middle School Math Teacher

“I liked seeing and learning new teaching strategies. The resource handbook will be useful when implementing new strategies. Patrick is upbeat and keeps you engaged.”
Jessica Freeman, Teacher

“Patrick does a great job helping you see math in new ways.”
Don Jolly, 5th Grade Teacher

“Patrick does a fantastic job at incorporating strategies and activities and setting student expectations while keeping the seminar entertaining. The day went by very quickly because he is passionate about the content.”
Adam M. Mrozowski, 7th Grade Math Teacher

“Patrick is well prepared and knowledgeable on the questions that were asked. Strategies were shared and I appreciated all of the resources.”
Antonia Mullens, Grades 5-8 Math Teacher

“Patrick shares really engaging, hands-on, interactive activities!”
Lindsay Schultz, 8th Grade Math Teacher